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IDoR: Radiologist says research has changed modern medicine

IDoR: Radiologist says research has changed modern medicine
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Dr Jimoh Kamaldeen, the National President, Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN) says research in radiology has changed modern medicine, produced great technological leaps and enabled more effective and efficient care and saved many lives.

He made this known at an event to mark the 8th International Day of Radiology (IDoR) on Friday in Abuja with the theme “Sports Imaging.”

He said IDoR was launched in 2012 to build greater awareness on radiology and draw attention to vital roles of radiologists.

He added that the demand for quality performance and huge investment in sport had, however, increased the rate of injuries, which also increased demand in the use of radiologists after injuries in sports.

He noted that radiologists played essential roles in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of related injuries and increased the quality of the care for patients.

He explained that IDoR was the perfect time to celebrate radiology by sharing the stunning medical, scientific and artistic possibilities of radiology and highlight the essential roles radiologists played.

Dr Wilmington Ohikhakhai, the Chairman, Association of Radiologist in Nigeria, Abuja branch, said that radiology had been an important aspect of medicine, adding that it had changed the scope of medicine.

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According to him, the importance of radiologists cannot be overemphasised, both in diagnosis and treatment.

He said that in football, basket ball and other sporting activities, the rate of injuries had increased, noting, however, that radiologists used equipment and technology to treat such injuries.

He pointed out that it was radiologists who attend to any sporting injuries that had to do with fracture, adding that the problem of funding for radiologists should be addressed.


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