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Capping 48-hour Surge in Violence, Gaza Cease-fire Reached

Capping 48-hour Surge in Violence, Gaza Cease-fire Reached
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Ending a surge in fighting in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel, a cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian groups was reportedly reached Thursday morning, about 48 hours since the targeted assassination of top Islamic Jihad leader Baha Abu al-Ata, who was killed with his wife Asma.

The reported cease-fire puts a tentative end to two days of hostilities that killed 32 more Palestinians in Israeli strikes in the Strip and wounded dozens more.

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Islamic Jihad and other, smaller Gaza factions launched hundreds of rockets at southern and central Israel, but the army said its Iron Dome defense system intercepted 90 percent of them. Rockets were fired as far north as Tel Aviv, shutting schools and businesses and forcing one million Israeli children to stay at home, as well as causing some damages and minor injuries.




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