In the lighter mood: Be careful what you discuss on phone!

In the lighter mood: Be careful what you discuss on phone!
Written by Maritime First

Be careful what you discuss on phone!

You don’t know the intentions of the other person …

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Recently, I went to have an interview with the head of an establishment. During and after my interview, something happened which I feel I shouldn’t keep to myself because it could do my readers a world of good. I also have the permission of the boss to share it.

We live in a funny world. You can’t just predict anybody again. The rate at which some people search for success, anything, anybody can go down for them to rise up. Please learn from this experience. The phone in your hand or in the hands of your friends could be a weapon to destroy you.

Smart phones are now made with facilities to record conversations. Everything you discuss could be recorded. You would be discussing with a free mind with the other person, and you don’t know his intentions. You could have been recorded and that recording used against you. You think the other person is a friend you could confide in. That person could be a snake! Be careful.

In the man’s establishment, there are four staff in a department. The head of the department just resigned and he was to appoint one of the four to fill the space.

I was in his office when one of them came to report the other. The MD said what he said of the other couldn’t be true. To prove himself, he brought out his phone and played all their conversations. I listened with rapt attention and found out that the man who came with the phone deliberately led the other guy into such comments. He was asking him leading questions, putting words into his mouth and the other man fell for this and went on speaking like a running tap. This was what he brought to the boss.

But the boss was not stupid. He asked him that who first made the call, he said he did. Why did you call him? He said just to know his mind. Now that you know his mind with your leading questions, you brought the conversation to me to implicate him? He couldn’t talk again. The table has turned against him. There and then, the boss press his bell and called for the other guy.

When he came, he asked that the conversation be played again. The ‘reporter’ couldn’t summon courage to pick his phone again. With annoyance, I picked the phone and played it. The new man went on his knees. With mouth agape, he began to lament: ‘Osamu, you do this to me? Osamu, you do this to me? I thought you are my friend. You called me to ask me questions and you recorded me and bring our conversation to oga!” He was almost in tears.

Right there, the boss pressed the bell again, asked that the manager should come. He came immediately. The MD begged me to explain what I saw, as the only witness. I did. The manager was dumbfounded. The boss asked him to sack the ‘reporter’ and elevate the second man to the vacant post. The company’s security men were invited in to lead the sacked man out of the company’s premises.

Please, be careful when you discuss with people on phone. You don’t know who is after you. The heart of man is deep, who can search it. I am one of those who always think and say there is no enemy anywhere. That day, my thinking changed. You can only know as far as your experience can take you.


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By Bola Adewara

Editor, *E-life*



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