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Nestle to offer family leave pay to its 300,000 workers worldwide

Nestle to offer family leave pay to its 300,000 workers worldwide
Written by Maritime First

…As NGO solicits decent living for persons with disabilities***

Officials of the Swiss-based company in Frankfurt, said on Wednesday that the multinational food company Nestle would offer paid family leave to its 300,000 employees worldwide.

The programme, which applies equally to men and women as well as to families who adopt or foster children, is to be launched next year and rolled out globally by 2022.

The company said people caring for children would be offered up to 18 weeks of paid leave on top of state benefits.

As a producer of baby and children’s food, Nestle is seeking to burnish its image.

Ralf Hengels, human resources executive at Nestle Germany, said “in Germany, parents receive more comprehensive provision than in many other countries.

“On the basis of new standards, we aim to take another step forward and offer both parents further paid time in addition to the state benefits,’’ he said.

Nestle already tops up the maternity and paternity allowances paid out in Germany, a maximum of 1,800 euros (2,000 dollars) a month to roughly meet the levels of a normal salary.

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U.S. IT company Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently offered its staff six months of paid parental leave on full pay.

In the meantime, Ms Ololade Ogunnubi, President, Lola Cater for the Needy Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, says Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) deserve to live in an atmosphere of love and respect, irrespective of their circumstances.

Ogunnubi made this known on Wednesday in Abuja.

She said that it was important for the government at all levels to increase the employment quota for persons with disabilities to enable them to contribute to the society.

Ogunnubi said that parents of persons with disabilities be encouraged at all times to enable them to ignore social stigma and focus on how to groom their children for a better future.

“I want to implore Nigerians and especially the federal and state governments to increase the employment quota for PLWDs.

“Hospitals, banks, schools and other public facilities must also be made comfortable for them as they deserve a decent living just like any other human being.

“The government should also look at ways of assisting their parents by including them in the universal health coverage to address their health challenges.

“We have to stop treating PLWDs like they are not part of us because if they continue to face hostility in their own country, where do you expect them to run,” she asked.

Ogunnubi noted that everyone was responsible for creating a world where persons with disabilities would be safe, protected and empowered.

“They deserve to live in a peaceful, friendly and inclusive society devoid of favouritism and segregation,” she added.


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