Cruise ship blackout triggers media overreaction

Cruise ship blackout triggered media overreaction
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…As Bunker tanker sank off Bangkok, oil leak***

Cruise ship VASCO DA GAMA with some 830 passengers on board suffered a two-hour “controlled precautionary blackout” on Adelaide approaches early in the morning Dec 6.

According to a statement from Cruise & Maritime Voyages.

“An alarm light on the engine control room’s panel led the vessel’s officers to initiate a controlled blackout as a precaution against damage to systems on-board and in order to investigate the alarm.

All precautionary post-incidents checks were completed with no causes for concern identified.” After power was restored, the ship safely reached port, and was berthed at around 1000 LT.

Media and social media coverage seems to be overly dramatic to a level of parody:
the situation was “quite serious”

“We’re drifting. We’ve got no power, no water, no toilets, no cooking, nothing”.

“It’s like a ghost ship. There is not a sound to be heard”

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In the meantime, tanker GOLDEN BRIDGE 2 sank in the morning Dec 3 in Gulf of Siam off Chao Praya river estuary, just south of Bangkok. The ship isn’t registered in known databases, identified by local media, referring to officials, as a tanker, most probably bunker tanker.

At the time of an accident she had some 100 tons of bunker fuel on board, cause of sinking unclear – sudden and massive aft water ingress was mentioned.

3 crew were rescued. Reportedly, some 20 tons of fuel already leaked, creating a 4-kilometer long slick, which is drifting towards eastern coast of the Gulf.

The Royal Thai Navy is tasked with preventing oil slick advance towards the coast. Understood other available anti pollution resources are to be deployed or are already deployed.



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