NIWA: Company Secretary says Moghalu is Muslims- friendly

NIWA grieves, as Moghalu warns Boat Operators against violating guidelines
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Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) Company Secretary, Alhaji Danladi Ibrahim at the weekend expressed concern over a New Nigerian newspaper report of December 2, 2019 which purported that NIWA’s Managing Director, Moghalu stopped the building of a mosque in NIWA premises in Warri, describing the report as jaundiced, unfair and very far from the truth.

Alhaji Ibrahim was reacting to a report captioned: “MURIC Slams Moghalu For Allegedly Stopping Mosque Building”.

“It’s unfortunate that an esteemed newspaper like New Nigerian Newspaper could publish an article of this nature that is very sensitive, without confirming our side of the story”, Alhaji Ibrahim stated, noting that the report strived seriously to position Moghalu as being unfriendly to Muslims.

“The attention of the Management of the NIWA has been drawn to an online publication of the New Nigerian Newspaper of the 2nd December, 2019, over alleged stoppage of Mosque building at the Warri Area Office of the Authority, by its MD/CEO, Chief Dr George N Moghalu.

“This, we consider as unfair publication because it is far from the truth. Chief Dr. George N Moghalu has at no time stopped the construction of the Mosque building at the Authority’s Area Office in Warri, as alleged.

“In fact, since the assumption of duty as the new MD/CEO of the Authority, Chief Dr George Moghalu has encouraged mutual co existence and harmonious working relationship between Muslims and Christians in the Authority, where he even unprecedentedly allows time, during management meetings for Muslims to perform their daily prayers.

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“The Warri Area Manager, was only asked to explain why he started such construction without the approval of the Management, which is the required due process for development of any infrastructure.

“This publication therefore, is a vile, orchestrated and motivated attempt on your (New Nigerian) part to distort the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in the Authority and to poison the public mind about Chief Dr George Moghalu, a man who is doing a lot to improve the harmonious working relationship between Muslims and Christians in the Authority, towards providing a seamless Inland Waterways Transportation system for Nigeria”, the Company Secretary indicated, stressing the need for an ethical and an unconditional apology.

The Maritime First is yet to confirm why NIWA management is yet to issue a compelling query and take other appropriate action against a staff who would embark on such gargantuan project without management approval.


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