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Weekend Ginger: CVFF: ‘Esusu’ whose value can only be known by Amaechi and Dakuku

Maritime Bank will uplift African economy — Amaechi
Written by Maritime First
…While Nigerians await Col. Ali’s Asset Declaration!***
For now, it would remain an exclusive preserve of a seriously selected few: The actual worth of the Cabotage Vessels Financing Fund (CVFF), shielded, sheltered and coded!

For now, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has been magnanimous enough to tell us that Dakuku told him that the value is $200m.

One can imagine how Barack Obama treated the coded nuclear – portfolio. And when he handed it over to Trump, how he must conscientiously cautioned him: “Better don’t abuse it. Don’t tell Melanie the Code. The future of mankind is tied to it!”

But the CVFF is just a contribution, an ‘Esusu’, collected by Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), from shipowners. The shipowners don’t know how much it is, the stakeholders don’t know, no one knows.

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“The DG of NIMASA announced $200 million”, was all the Minister was ready to unveil, when journalists sought to know the actual value. It would have been better to have pretended not to hear the question!

A portion of the Bible says: “The kingdom of God suffers violence (Matthew 11:12)…..” The next time I am chanced to read it, perhaps, I should try and see if I can amend it to read: The administration of CVFF suffers violence…!

Several people have blamed Dakuku Peterside’s predecessor, Patrick Akpobolokemi, for bringing secrecy to the administration of the fund. Alas! Dakuku is doing just exactly…if not even worse.

Can the Minister of Transportation in the simplest of language, tell us how much Akpobolokemi left behind? how much Dakuku Peterside administration has collected since he assumed office? We can use the simplest of Chinese calculators on our phones to add the two!

In the meantime, let us reiterate our love for the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd). He is an Officer and a gentleman, he loves one thing: the army uniform, he hates one thing: corruption. If he has his way, he would very much wish that Customs Officers declare their assets on monthly basis. For now, he would probably want them to do it annually. I was singing his praise recently, when a fellow journalist asked: “Ask the CGC to also declare  his own assets, or is what is good for the goose not good for the gander?”

Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd)


Honestly, I trust the retired Col. irrespective of recent assumptions that the Nigeria Customs Service under his watch would be contracting (or is it: has contracted), a Consultant to engage 3,200 applicants into the Service with a mind blowing N1.6bn.

I love the CGC, irrespective of the baseless allegations that he had run the Service as a Sole Administrator, in the past three years.

And I will still love the CGC Ali this year more, knowing full well, that the Customs Budget this year, being a 7% of revenue grossed in last year (excluding other government support), which was, more than N1.2trn would definitely be more than 2020 Budgets of some State Governments put together!

Having established a love so pure and un-hidden, shouldn’t that also amount to a sufficient locus standi, to demand that the CGC should do exactly what he demands of his officers?!

The CGC Sir! Seyi Makinde has declared and published his asset declaration. We know you are purer than him, Nigerians are waiting for yours, let us publish it. Then, you can morally, as a public figure, continue this your intimidating crusade, that’s your locus standi, or we keep quiet; and stop demanding, like hypocrites, what we ourselves can’t truly give!

In the meantime, let us continue to pray for Dakuku Peterside.

If there’s any Chief Executive Officer who has worked his ass out with sincere diligence, it is Dakuku! Yet, he lacks the Original Icing Sugar Cap!


He has met every demand of the International Maritime Organisation, so much so, that IMO sees Nigeria as Continental No. 1 in several respects. Alas! Nigeria lost the bid for IMO Council ‘C’, Category Seat!

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At home, he has done everything, from creating Final Sailing Bill, re-energized understanding with Nigerian Navy over security etc; yet Piracy is soaring unabated!

Where’s Dakuku going to seek his glory…?

Perhaps, there lies the reason behind the ‘mind blowing’ One billion Naira, NIMASA Night of Awards!

Amaechi must tell Nigerians the true value of the CVFF, the nation has gone beyond “The DG said….!”; even as Nigeria begins to wait for Col. Ali, to publish his declaration of Asset!

We congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari, for allowing AMOTEKUN. It would have been too difficult to expect our unalloyed loyalty, if he denies us the ordinary layer of security we so craved for!

What kind of neighbour frowns that some villagers are improving their security by engaging Common Maiguards?

If we engage common hunters to improve security and you frown face, then, you must tell me your locus Standi…!


Keep Praying for Nigeria!

May the President live forever!!





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