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HISTORY: Evacuation Flight goes Direct From Nigeria to Israel

HISTORY: Evacuation Flight goes Direct From Nigeria to Israel
Written by Maritime First
… As CHABAD & ZAK”A Took the Driver’s Seat!***

History was made on the morning of March 29, when the first direct flight from Nigeria to Israel, was made possible, by the Israeli ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Shimon Ben-Souson.

As with every matter pertaining to the Jewish community in Nigeria, Chabad of Nigeria headed by Rabbi Israel & Haya Uzan were involved at every step of the way.

That morning, as the passengers were boarding their flight, Rabbi Uzan sent each traveler a small travel package with information on what was awaiting then upon landing in Tel Aviv: a personal seder package filled with wine, matza, hagadah and much more so that they can arrive with ease and not need to worry about scouring the supermarkets attempting to find the necessary holiday items, as store shelves in Israel have emptied out across the country.

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As they were boarding, Rabbi Uzan wrote to his community “we have worked hard together ZAK”A and the authorities in Ben Gurion to greet each and every one of you with a Seder package with all that you will need with the Seder at home in quarantine.

He continued “when you land, at the baggage carousel the packages will be waiting for you. Please keep a safe distance from one another.

“I want to thank the Ambassador, management in Ben Gurion, ZAK”A and all the volunteers who arranged that it should ready for your arrival tonight”.

The feedback wasn’t long in coming:

“Amazing, this brought me to tears,” wrote H. Peter from the community.

Rotem G. Who was on the monumental flight added “You warmed our hearts! Specifically in these uncertain and worrying times”


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