Like MUSE, Like Akinwusi: Godly ones depart, leaving good souls in Sorrows!

Like MUSE, Like Akinwusi: Godly ones depart, leaving good souls in Sorrows!
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Two notable Maritime industry leaders, Senator Munir Adekunle MUSE, a former Ports Manager; and Mr. Julius Sunday AKINWUSI, the Group Chief Finance Officer of Integrated Oil and Gas Ltd., have departed the great beyond, leaving friends, families and stakeholders, seriously grieving.

Disclosing the great depart MUSE to the Maritime First on Tuesday, the Doyen of the Nigerian maritime industry and Ibadan High Chief, Adebayo Babatunde Sarumi described him as a “humble, simple, soft-spoken person with a magnetic aura”.

“The Distinguished Senator Muse departed this world in the early hours of this morning”, Chief Sarumi revealed.

Like MUSE, Like Akinwusi: Godly ones depart, leaving good souls in Sorrows!

Senator Munir Adekunle Muse, a former Ports Manager

“He was a former London representative of the Nig. Ports Authority (NPA), former Ports Manager, former Chairman, Apapa local government and a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“He was a prominent member of Basillica (Elders Forum) of Eko Club.

“He attended the prestigious Methodist Boys’ High School (MBHS), Lagos and was indeed an Omo Eko Pataki. He was humble, simple, soft-spoken and had an aura that all who interfaced with him found magnetic. He was my friend, brother & father figure.

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“The Holy Qur’an says, “Innaa lillaahi Wa ‘Innaaa ‘Ilaayhi Raji’oon : Truly, to Allah we belong and truly to Him we shall return.” [Surah 2. (AL-BAQARAH, 156)].

“We will all miss him. It is my prayer that Almighty Allah (SWT) will forgive his sins and admit him into Paradise (Aljanah) as Permanent Abode. Non Sibi Sed Alis. Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!! – Jagunmolu of Ibesheland”, the Ibadan High Chief stated further.

In the meantime, industry stakeholders continue to grieve over the sudden departure of Integrated Oil and Gas Ltd Group Finance Officer. Mr Akinwusi passed on at 56.

Mr. Julius Sunday Akinwusi, the Group Chief Finance Officer of Integrated Oil and Gas Ltd.

Integrated Oil and Gas in a statement made available on Monday indicated that he passed on, Thursday, May 28, 2020 after a brief illness.

The Chairman and Board of the company highlighted that he joined the company’s Finance and Accounts department since 2007 and rose to the rank of Group Chief Finance Officer.

The late Akinwusi was described as a highly valued member of the company’s management team, who was committed and expressed great leadership and knowledge of the industry, with which he brought value to the company.

The company recognises the late Akinwusi’s contributions to its success story, with a promise to keep his legacy of great service, personal relationships and outstanding stewardship alive and well.

Both MUSE and AKINWUSI would be seriously missed by their wives, children, families, and host of industry stakeholders.


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