IBEDC appeals to Mowe, Ibafo, Magboro customers over poor electricity supply

IBEDC appeals to Mowe, Ibafo, Magboro customers over poor electricity supply
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…Avoids issues of meters provision and ‘estimated’ billing***

The management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc, has apologised to its esteemed customers in Mowe, Ibafo and Magboro over the poor supply of electricity to the areas.

It however failed to speak on the controversial issue of vexatious ‘estimated’ billing and metres provision.

Its Chief Operating Officer, Mr John Ayodele, in a statement on Tuesday, said that the dismal power situation being experienced in the communities was a shared challenge between IBEDC and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

He said that the three communities got their supply from Oke-Aro 132KV/33KV transmission station, and allocation by TCN for the area was 13 MW, whereas the communities required about 40 MW.

Ayodele said because TCN could not allocate the energy required to serve all the customers in the communities, the only option was to deploy intensive load management.

According to him, this will ensure that customers have equal hours of daily supply.

“Another major challenge is that the 33KV which is a straight network is solely under the control of the TCN.

“Whenever there is a fault, the normal routine is that our engineers must get approval from the TCN before repairs can commence, and this process is a bit challenging.

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“Also, depending on the nature of the fault and the terrain of the network affected, the process becomes more cumbersome,” Ayodele said.

He said that IBEDC was working on the reconstruction of the old Owode-Egba network to enable some of the communities that benefit from the newly commissioned Abeokuta Transmission Station at Kobape.

“We are also appealing to our unmetered customers in this locality to take advantage of the Meter Asset Provider Scheme (MAP) to get metered.

“Our staff are on strict schedules to ensure that customers’ issues are promptly addressed,” he said.


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