Maritime Writes: Be Determined, Be Original, Olotu, Apapa Port Manager tells Trainees

Maritime Writes: Be Determined, Be Original, Olotu, Apapa Port Manager tells Trainees
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Maritime Writes: Be Determined, Be Original, Olotu, Apapa Port Manager tells Trainees

Mrs. Olufunmilayo Olotu, Apapa Port Manager

… As Ugwala, Nigerian Diving Chief Inspector, Brings up untold vital stories***

The Port Manager, Lagos Port Complex, Mrs.  Olufunmilayo  Olotu has urged trainees at the Maritime Writes Project 2021 to be original in literature writings, about the maritime sub-sector.

Olotu who virtually addressed participants at an ongoing workshop organised by Media Traction to empower women with the requisite knowledge for writing children storybooks with maritime themes, also charged them to tell human angle stories.

Participants at the Maritime Writes

Any story you are writing and you cannot relate it with human angle is not a complete story”, she stated while sharing her experience from one of her operational visit to Arkasa Light House.

Olotu advised the trainees to be determined, be original, and cut no corners, as they begin to explore the maritime industry because there are many angles to write stories from.

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She charged them to visit the ports environment and jetties, and observe activities in the maritime environment, using pictures to backup their stories.

She said with the Never Say Die spirit and excellence of Spirit, females could thrive, not minding the gender biases. “60 percent not good enough. 70 percent or nothing”, the Port Manager said.

She applauded the initiative as one which has come to add value to the maritime industry and to the female gender.

Speaking also, the Chief Inspector of Diving CID in Nigeria, Mr. Julius Ugwala said that this creative writing project will give a clearer picture of what goes on in the diving industry, in underwater -operation- the injustice, need for strict regulation and personnel development.

Ugwala, in his address acknowledged that the story of diving profession needs to be told so that Nigerians will become more aware of the sector and how it could contribute to their livelihood.

The CID admonished the trainees to create the much needed awareness through their writing, bringing the untold stories of diving to limelight.

Emphasizing the need for enforcement of safety regulations, he said that safety cannot be compromised because  “diving is performed in an unforgiving environment where error can developed into a fatal accident.”

He described the Project as laudable and commended the organizers.

The Diving Doctor, Mr. Adesola Osidipe, Business Development Director DCN Nigeria speaking on behalf of his organization, restated their commitment to the Maritime Writes Project.

He also said that writing about diving, it is good to note the critical role and contributions of the diving doctors as they provide certification for fitness of divers, medical support on-site and during emergency.

Dr Osidipe advised participants not to undervalue themselves in whatever fields they find themselves.


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