A doctoral feather to Kayode Opeifa’s cap

A doctoral feather to Kayode Opeifa’s cap
Written by Maritime First
A doctoral feather to Kayode Opeifa’s cap

Dr Kayode Opeifa

His mind is a boiling cauldron, ever restless and bubbling with creative and original ideas, concepts and thoughts that he churns out with amazing ease and infectious enthusiasm.

Listening to him articulate his positions either in support of or opposition to various memos and policy proposals as a member of the Lagos State Executive Council during the governor Babatunde Raji Fashola administration between 2007 and 2015 with considerable verve and gusto showed a man with a scientific cast of mind, soundness of logic and mastery of facts and figures that are obviously a function of careful preparation and disciplined attention to detail.

I refer to none other than Dr Kayode Opeifa,  Special Adviser and later Commissioner for Transportation in the Lagos State government for eight years.

This former student union leader, anti-military and pro-democracy activist, award winning sportsman, accomplished administrator as well as passionate progressive welfarist has just completed a Doctoral programme in Transport and Logistics from the Lagos State University (LASU).

His thesis investigated the effects of mobility on poverty alleviation and sustainable development in Lagos State with particular focus on the nature and strength of the relationship between sustainable transport/mobility and poverty alleviation in the megacity.

A man of admirable versatility, Opeifa obtained a B.Sc degree in Biochemistry with a Second Class (Hons) Upper Division from the University of Ilorin in 1986 and an M.Sc degree in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos, College of Medicine, specializing in Intermediary Metabolism and Toxicology in 1988.

Opeifa knows the transportation terrain of Lagos State like the back of his hand and he is even more astute and accomplished as a formidable political analyst and strategist.

To a friend, brother, ideological soul mate and regular intellectual sparring partner,  I say a hearty congratulations. Surely, the best is yet to come and more glorious accomplishments lie ahead of you by His grace.






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