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2022 Navy Games: CNS promises to equip sports complex in Lagos

2022 Navy Games: CNS promises to equip sports complex in Lagos
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Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo during a golf tournament in commemoration of Nigeria Navy 66th Anniversary celebration in Port Harcourt

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo says that plans are underway to equip the Navy Town Sports Complex, Lagos, on time for the Navy Games in August.

Gambo made this known on Sunday during a one-day golf tournament at the Sealords Golf Club, Nigeria Navy Ship (NNS) Pathfinder base in Port Harcourt.

The tournament was organized by the Nigerian Navy as part of a week-long celebration to commemorate its 66th anniversary.

According to him, the navy has prioritised use of sports activities to improve the fitness and proficiency of personnel while carrying out their assigned duties.

“So, efforts are ongoing to equip the Navy Town Sports Complex in Lagos with state-of-the-art equipment in preparation for the Navy Games that will be held in August.

“We will continue to encourage active participation in sporting activities both locally and internationally towards taking the Nigeria Navy a notch higher.

“We are committed to walk the talk as our plans for our navy remain robust,” he said.

Gambo said the golf tournament brought together about 300 amateur golfers, including both serving and retired officers and friends of the navy to compete and improve fitness.

“Participants have competed fairly and shown strong determination, great perseverance and true sportsmanship while promoting the spirit of solidarity, friendship and cultural exchanges.

“Celebrating our milestone at 66, we pledge our commitment towards the realisation of the vision to be a strong, formidable and credible navy that Nigerians can be proud of.

“The Nigerian Navy will continue to achieve giant strides in securing our maritime domain while ensuring that personnel are fit to sustain navy achievements,” he added.

The navy chief said that investments in sports had yielded positive results as its female volleyball team was currently representing the country in an ongoing female volleyball tournament in Tunisia.

Speaking, Rear Admiral Ochegomie Fingesi (Rtd) debunked the impression by golf enthusiasts that the game was exclusively for the wealthy and senior citizens.

Fingesi, 80, who retired 32 years ago, said the game could be played and enjoyed by both the young and old, rich and low-income earners, provided such individuals were fit.

“Golf is a game of all ages, unlike some other sports that you cannot participate in when you reach a certain age.

“I started playing golf in 1974 when I was 30 years old and now I am 80 and actively still playing the game of golf.

“So, we are delighted that the CNS Gambo is featuring golf in this year’s anniversary, considering that the game improves both fitness and mental sharpness,” he explained.

Fingesi, a prominent figure in General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime, said that golfing was also among the cheapest sports to go into when compared with other popular games in the country.


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