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To allow your message the greatest possible impact, Maritime First offers prime advertisement placements with minimal clutter throughout our website. Our mission is to connect your brand to your best customers in the most innovative, unforgettable and effective way possible, in order to drive results you can count on today, and every day.


Design your own banner or our  design team can create one for you
Required Image Format: JPEG, GIF, PNG or Animated GIF
Image Dimension: 400 x 300 pixels or 728 x 90 pixels
Your Product/Service Website Address/URL (Your banner click will link to this)
Send your banner design as an attachment to

Advert Rates

Advert Banner at the top of the page (740 x 100 Pixels):
Monthly (270,000) | Quarterly (800,000) | Half Yearly (1,500,000) | Yearly (2.500,000.00)
Advert Banner at the side of the page (400 x 300 Pixels):
Monthly (150,000) | Quarterly (450,000) | Half Yearly (900,000) | Yearly (1,800,000.00)

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