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AIFF: Nollywood Movie `Dangerous Mission’ Emerges Overall Best Film



A Nollywood movie, ‘Dangerous Mission,’ has emerged overall best film and received the Golden Jury Award at the grand finale of the 20th edition of the Abuja International Film Festival (AIFF).

The movie won three awards in Abuja on Thursday night at the closing ceremony of the festival with the theme titled “Beyond Borders: Globalisation and the Film Business.”

‘Dangerous Mission’ was nominated for five categories of awards and clinched three, including the award for Outstanding Director, Outstanding Actress, and the highly coveted Golden Jury Award.

Ace actress Bimbo Akintola won the Outstanding Actress for her role in the film, while veteran Nollywood Director, Teco Benson secured the Outstanding Director award.

The star-studded movie features Bimbo Akintola, Wole Ojo, Femi Branch, Claret Onukogu and other stars, and it is produced under VIOLA Productions label by Claret Onukogu.

*Veteran Nollywood Director, Teco Benson with his Best Director Award for the film ‘Dangerous Mission’ at the grand finale of 20th edition of the Abuja Int’l Festival

In an interview with NAN on the red carpet, Benson thanked the organisers of the AIFF and expressed delight over the feat attained by the film.

“Dangerous Mission  is a thriller that explores the uncertainties and risks faced by a ‘broken Lady’ who stakes her boyfriend as a bait to trap her beautiful and younger boss in her bid to seek revenge.’’

He said the film has been acquired by an American company for global distribution.

Other categories of awards and winners at the event include Oustanding Experimental Film   – The Delectable Azimasama (Nigeria), Outstanding Animation  Film – No Way Out (Uganda) ,Outstanding Cinematography – Momo in Dubai (India).

The Outstanding Music Score was clinched by Silent Storm, a  Cameroonian film, Outstanding Screenplay – Tibetan Hearts (USA), Outstanding Short Film  by Foreigners – Suitcase (Iran), and  ace actors Jude Orhora  won the Outstanding Actor for his role in ‘Ivie.’

Others include Outstanding Feature Film (Nigeria) – Saving Raymond,  Outstanding Documentary Film – Ichie Mask in Time (Nigeria) and  Ikorodu (The History,  the People and the Culture) and  Outstanding short film (Nigeria)  was won by ‘The Major ‘.

The Outstanding Student Film category award was received by  ‘Leaked’, a Nigerian film and the  Audience Choice Award was clinched by “Riding Rail in China”, a  Chinese film.

Earlier in his remarks, Fidelis Duker, Founder of the AIFF congratulated the awardees, adding that 20 years of AIFF was a milestone that should be celebrated alongside those who have contributed to its success story.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of the Abuja International Film Festival has been the opportunity it has provided for young filmmakers.

“We take pride in giving aspiring directors, producers, and actors the chance to showcase their works on an international platform.

“Through our carefully curated selection process, we ensure that emerging talents from Nigeria and beyond have the visibility they deserve and the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

“We will continue to provide a platform for young filmmakers to shine and contribute to the growth of the film industry,” he said

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Lighter Mood: GREED



…keeps Men Forever Poor



*Ayodele Emmanuel


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Did You Say Happy Birthday To Oga?



It was encomiums all the way, for the Editor-in-Chief/ CEO of Leadtimes Africa Magazine, Dr Samuel Oga, on the occasion of his birthday midweek, with his elderly son, Master Godwin Chinedu Oga. 

For him, and his contributions, industry stakeholders continued to give God the glory.

Yesterday, Dr. Oga in a chat with the Maritime First said he was humbled by the unrestrained show of love.

“Kindly accept my humble gratitude and appreciation for all your prayers and commitment made at the occasion of my birthday celebration yesterday with my son, Master Godwin Oga,” he said in a message. 

Dr. Samuel Oga

“You indeed made the day a memorable one for us as a family. 

“We pray that things of joy will never cease from you and your family. As you took time to celebrate with us, we wish to say once again that at every time of your celebration, men and women will rejoice with you also”, he also said, adding that the management and staff of Leadtimes Africa Magazine is indeed, proud of the stakeholders’ “showers of love”

 Now, did you too say Happy Birthday to Oga?

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LIGHTER Mood: Life is Reaping what we sow…!




By reaching this stage in life, the lion can no longer hunt, kill, or defend itself. It roars and roars until it weakens, then it will be surrounded by the Hyenas, nibbled and devoured.

They won’t even let him die to be dismembered. Life is short, what happens to the lion also happens to us humans. We won’t be young forever.

We won’t always be the strongest. We won’t always be on top. We won’t always be the boss. We won’t always be the king of the jungle or king of life.

As long as God and life gives us opportunities, let’s be humble, and remove arrogance and mistreatment. Because sooner or later, life will pass us a bill and we will reap just what we sow.��


Ayodele Emmanuel


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