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Dangote wins Employers’ Lifetime Achievement Award; Soyinka, Elumelu Bag ECOWAS Excellence Award



Dangote wins employers’ lifetime achievement award

 Alhaji Aliko Dangote, president, Dangote Industries Ltd., has bagged a lifetime achievement award by the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA), the umbrella body of employers in the Organised Private Sector.

DIL’s Group Chief Branding and Communications Officer, Mr. Anthony Chiejina, said this in a statement on Monday in Lagos.

According to the statement, DIL was also named “Best Company in the Chemical and Non-Metallic Products Sector” at the 2021 Employers Annual Excellence Award.

NECA president, Mr. Taiwo Adeniyi, said Dangote was recognised for his huge contributions to nation-building and economic development through his various investments and the attendant job creation opportunities.

Adeniyi, describing the business magnate as a torch-bearer in the private sector, commended his investments in sectors capable of improving the nation’s economic well-being and transition from importer to net exporter.

He explained that the employer’s excellence award was meant to celebrate outstanding contributions of enterprise to national development.

He added that the award was geared towards promoting and encouraging best practices in corporate performance, people management and industrial relations practices by employers in Nigeria.

“The annual award provides a platform for identifying, ranking and celebrating the resilience, doggedness and outstanding performance of employers in Nigeria.

“It is to recognise and publicly award enterprises that have exhibited excellence in leadership, governance, innovation, corporate performance and human resource management, amongst others.

“This annual event equally provides feedback to participating employers on their status regarding attainment of best practices in corporate performance, people management and industrial relations,” he added.

Dangote Group’s Executive Director, Strategy, Portfolio Development and Capital Projects, Mr Devakumar Edwin, described NECA as an organisation that promoted leadership, good governance, innovation, productivity and corporate performance.

These qualities, he said, made the award to be cherished by both Dangote and the company.

“NECA continues to remain a partner in progress, rewarding deserving companies for their contributions to national development.

“The Dangote Group will continue to contribute its quota to nation-building and promote responsible business in all sectors of its operations,” he said.

 Dangote Group has a presence in 10 African countries, providing employment for thousands of young Nigerians and Africans.

In another development, Nigerian Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, and Businessman, Tony Elumelu received the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Excellence award for their outstanding contributions to the development of West Africa.

Soyinka and Elumelu received the award among four other recipients during the 62nd Ordinary Session of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government in Abuja.

Wole Soyinka received the award under the Arts and Literature category while Elumelu received the award of deserving citizen.

Former President of The Gambia, Dawda Kairaba Jawara was given a post-humous honorary award for his contributions to the peace and security in the Gambia, especially his facilitation of the establishment of ECOMOG.

Senegalese Musician, Omar Pene was also recognized and awarded for contributing positively to the sub-region through his music.

Reading the citation of the awardees, Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission, Damrtien Tchintchibidja said that the awardees were carefully selected following a critical deliberation by a jury appointed by the President of the ECOWAS Commission.

“A jury appointed by the President of the Commission met Nov. 8 2022 and after deliberation awarded the price of excellence.

“The award was in three categories mainly; “First Category, the award for science and technology, Arts and literature, the second category of honorary award,

“First Category, award for science and technology, Arts and literature. Science and technology sub-category the award is Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars. sub-category of Arts Fifteen Thousand Dollars, Literature Ten thousand Dollars.

“For the second category, the honorary award for the 20,000 USD, third category for deserving citizens, 10,000 USD Plaque and certificate of recognition,” Tchintchibidja said.

Speaking on behalf of the awardees, Pene appreciated the regional bloc for recognizing their efforts and silent contributions as he dedicated his award to President Macky Sall of Sengal and the citizens of Senegal.

 ECOWAS Price of Excellence was presented to the award winners by President Umaro Embalo of Guinea Bissau, Chair of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government.


Methodist Church enthrones first female Bishop in Nigeria



Methodist Church enthrones first female Bishop in Nigeria
*First Female Bishop of Methodist Church Nigeria, Most Rev Dr Nkechi Nwosu, Bishop Diocese of Jos

The Methodist Church Nigeria, on Sunday, enthroned Rt Rev. Nkechi  Nwosu as the first female bishop of the Church in the country.

 Nwosu was enthroned by His Grace, Most Rev Dr. Joseph Nnonah, Archbishop of Kaduna at the Christ Methodist Cathedral, Jos.

The new bishop in a brief interaction with newsmen revealed that “God is using what has happened in the Methodist Church, Nigeria to tell the whole world that the time to release women to fulfill their destiny has come.

She said that women and men needed to join hands to achieve the mandate of God.

“God knew that by creating only Adam, He will not be able to bring his heart’s desire, so He had to make the woman to complement him.

“So, for the word of God to reach to the end of the world, “man must put their hands together to serve God”, irrespective of gender because God is a spirit.

“He is not a flesh, the flesh we are seeing is just for our comfort, as He said that everybody who believes in Him and is led by the spirit of God is the son of God.

“And so every child of God who is born again and dwells in the Holy Spirit is a son of God.

“And when men or women of God in charge of denominations understand this, I believe we will conquer more for the Lord than what we have done,” she said.

On the 2023 general elections, Nwosu called on Nigerians to listen to the voice of God who knows the best leader for the country at this moment.

She said that God gave Nigerians conscience and power and that the power is in the Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

“We must all go out there and agree with God, listen to the spirit of God and do what God said we should do.

“Do that so that God will use us and anybody He wants to put on that seat to restore Nigeria to a place of pride in Africa, and the world,” she added.

His Eminence, Dr. Samuel Uche, Prelate Emeritus, Methodist Church Nigeria, during whose tenure Nwosu was elected bishop, said that God made all humans equal.

Uche said that Jesus Christ elevated the position of women by being born of a woman.

“So I believe there is no difference between a man and a woman, after all, in the Hebrew language, a man is a he-man and a woman is she man, so we are all men.

“And moreover, in Methodist Church, we taught that people who have reached menopause, who are no longer childbearing can hold responsible office in the church because they have the capacity.

“They have the ability, they are meticulous, resourceful and spiritual.

“So we decided that we should have in Methodist Bishop a woman and I know that some time ago, the President of the British Church was a woman from Ireland,” he said.

 Nwosu will serve as Bishop of Jos Diocese.

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*1- If you are in a hotel or restaurant, and you put more sugar or milk in your tea than you do in your home then you have a predisposition to corruption.*

*2- If you use more tissue paper, soap or perfume in a restaurant or public place than you do at home, then if you have the opportunity to embezzle, you will embezzle.*

*3- If you serve yourself more food than you can devour in weddings and open buffets just because someone else will pay the bill, this is proof that if you have the opportunity to eat public money, you would.*

*4- If you usually skip people in queues, it is certain that you will not mind climbing on the shoulders of others to reach power.*

*5- If you consider that what you collect from the street, money and other things is your right, then you have signs of a thief.*

*6- If you care more about knowing a famous last name instead of a first name then you are a racist and will likely help people only because of who they are.*

*7- If you violate traffic rules and have no regard for the traffic lights… you have a tendency for all transgressions.*

_Fighting corruption starts from the self. Let’s try to be distinguished people wherever we are, and remember that honesty is what you do between you and yourself and not just what you do in the presence of people._

*_Fighting corruption starts with self!*

*Capt. Akin Ibrahim Olugbade


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Academy to Establish Football School in Abuja, to Export Talents abroad



Academy to Establish Football School in Abuja, to Export Talents abroad

 Prestige Football Academy, an Abuja-based club, said on Friday it had intensified plans to establish a football school in the FCT, to enable youths to develop their football talents.

The Manager of the academy, Uchendu Nwabara, said in a statement that the football institution, when completed, would combine secondary school education with football training.

Nwabara said the aim was to achieve holistic development of the players in line with modern sports business concepts.

“We want to create opportunity for every player to achieve his or her career in a reputable club locally or internationally, with high academic standards as well as social and health development,” he said.

According to Nwabara, beyond establishing the school, the academy is planning to recruit 30 players between ages 14 and 20 in an exercise expected to hold from Jan. 9 to 21 in Abuja.

Nwabara explained that the recruitment was part of efforts to develop the football careers of some talented youths in Abuja.

He said that 14 of the 30 recruited players would be taken to Ghana for trials where scouts from UK, Italy, France, Poland, Qatar and Ghana would watch them play and subsequently land them deals with foreign clubs.

Nwabara said, “qualified players from ages 18-20 will sign contracts with clubs, while the minor ages of 14-17 who excel in the trials can still be selected by the clubs to inject into their respective academies based on agreement with the academy”.

He said the screening, which attracted a token amount, would take place at Baze University Sports Field, Abuja, while that of Ghana would take place in Obuasi, Kumasi, Cheetah FC Stadium in Accra, Ghana.

The football manager said a curriculum had been designed for the academy to assist the players to develop their football career alongside their academics.

“Our curriculum is mostly associated with teaching football skills and education which includes different approaches to football training, drills and exercises, learning and assessment as well as instilling quality relationships between coaches and the players.

“We have developed a curriculum that provides an opportunity to create relevant, coherent and engaging environment for all players and coaches.

“Players are to have a clear purpose of representing the team and to provide a reference point not only for football but also for their education.

“We offer team assessment that provides the opportunity for self-discovery, cognitive and mental development and we evaluate players’ skills and performance standards.

“We engage in local and international friendly matches to enable each player to attain his full capacity in football and we inculcate confidence, self-esteem, knowledge and create the opportunity for players to participate in competitions at various levels.

“In general terms, our educational football academy consists of everything that promotes intellectual, personal moral values, social and physical development of the participants,” Nwabara said.

He added that the academy was in partnership with FIFA-verified agents, including Istepan Saraka from UK, Geinnaro Gisonna from Italy, Onur Demr from France, Janusz Dziedzic from Poland, Hamad Al-Hal from Qatar and Emmanuel Samjohn based in Ghana.

He also said that competent coaches and intermediaries were among those facilitating the signing of players.

“We have a reservoir of international collaborators who conduct scouting competitions from time to time and select the best players for foreign clubs”.

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