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Identify With Divine Purpose, Clergy Says



  • As Sarumi gives out daughter in marriage

Nigerians were today told that enduring Peace, and happiness that flow like river may continue to elude the Christian homes, until families again identify and accept God’s original idea of marriage.

The Vicar and Archdeacon of Ikoyi, the Ven. Julius Oyetunde Oyediran indicated this in Lagos, while delivering a sermon at the Our Saviour’s Church, Onikan, Lagos, during the Holy wedding ceremony of Bisola, daughter of Ibadan High Chief, Adebayo Babatunde Sarumi and her heartthrob, Edache Ejoga.

The Couple, Bisola and Edache Ejoga

“Marriage is God’s idea and not of man! It is initiated by God and must therefore not be toyed with”,  Ven Oyediran highlighted, stressing that only matured people willing to obey His will, should go into marriage.

The Preacher stated that God respects vows, and that is the true reason why those going into the holy wedlock, must ensure they avoid treachery, because God will punish treachery, whether it be amongst friends or family.

The Oba of Lagos, Oba Akinolu Rilwan dancing to royal rhythm at the reception, KFA Events Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

Quoting Mal. Chapter 2 Verses 14- 16, the Venerable observed that once the God’s people had lamented that God was no longer answering their prayers the response they got was that God was angry because they had dealt treacherously before Him, even as much as they had similarly been treacherous among themselves.

“Our lives are borrowed. God is the Lessor and we are the lessee. Besides, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit; and when we defile it, we must also be accountable”, he posited, pointing out that every Christian must understand and appreciate being “purchased of the blood”, and who therefore must therefore be careful of what he or she does with the body, where the Spirit dwells.

Edache and Bisola Ejoga shortly after signing the dotted lines, while the parents and priest watch with rapt attention.

He advised strongly the newly wedded to perpetually be watchful for “developmental challenges” and be prepared to make the desired sacrifices to make the marriage work..

“God’s concept of marriage is between a husband and wife”,  Ven Oyediran said, stressing that God would not be happy with any third party’s interferences; even as he cautioned against allowing canal consideration to derail divine desires and purpose.

The Vicar and Archdeacon of Ikoyi, Ven. Julius Oyetunde Oyediran delivering his sermon on Sanctity of Marriage @ Our Saviour’s Church, on Thursday, 20th April, 2017

Finally, the Venerable alerted Nigerians that bestiality, the love and marrying of animals was on its way, pleading that all must come together to seriously resist it.


Did You Say Happy Birthday To Oga?



It was encomiums all the way, for the Editor-in-Chief/ CEO of Leadtimes Africa Magazine, Dr Samuel Oga, on the occasion of his birthday midweek, with his elderly son, Master Godwin Chinedu Oga. 

For him, and his contributions, industry stakeholders continued to give God the glory.

Yesterday, Dr. Oga in a chat with the Maritime First said he was humbled by the unrestrained show of love.

“Kindly accept my humble gratitude and appreciation for all your prayers and commitment made at the occasion of my birthday celebration yesterday with my son, Master Godwin Oga,” he said in a message. 

Dr. Samuel Oga

“You indeed made the day a memorable one for us as a family. 

“We pray that things of joy will never cease from you and your family. As you took time to celebrate with us, we wish to say once again that at every time of your celebration, men and women will rejoice with you also”, he also said, adding that the management and staff of Leadtimes Africa Magazine is indeed, proud of the stakeholders’ “showers of love”

 Now, did you too say Happy Birthday to Oga?

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LIGHTER Mood: Life is Reaping what we sow…!




By reaching this stage in life, the lion can no longer hunt, kill, or defend itself. It roars and roars until it weakens, then it will be surrounded by the Hyenas, nibbled and devoured.

They won’t even let him die to be dismembered. Life is short, what happens to the lion also happens to us humans. We won’t be young forever.

We won’t always be the strongest. We won’t always be on top. We won’t always be the boss. We won’t always be the king of the jungle or king of life.

As long as God and life gives us opportunities, let’s be humble, and remove arrogance and mistreatment. Because sooner or later, life will pass us a bill and we will reap just what we sow.��


Ayodele Emmanuel


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LIGHTER Mood:  What is given is never lost




💎💎💎 What is given is never lost.

 His name was DÉSIRÉ, he was a poor Scottish farmer.

 One day while trying to make a living for his family,

 he heard a cry for help from a nearby swamp.

 He dropped his tools,

 ran there and found a young boy depressed to the waist

 in the swamp, frightened, screaming and trying to break free.

 The farmer saved the young man from what could have been a slow and cruel death.

 The next day, an elegant team arrived at the farm.

 A noble, elegantly dressed, came out and presented himself

 as the father of the boy the farmer helped.

 “I want to reward you,” said the noble.

 You saved my son’s life!

 “I can not accept payment for what I did,” said the Scottish farmer.

 At the same moment, the farmer’s son came to the door of the hut.

 – This is your son?  asked the noble.

 “Yes,” said the farmer proudly.

 – So, I propose a market.

 Allow me to offer your son the same education as my son.

 If the son looks like the father, I’m sure

 that he will be a man of whom both will be proud.

 And the farmer agreed.

 Farmer Fleming’s son attended classes at the best schools

 and at the grand finale,

 he graduated from the School of Medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

 Bearer of great aspiration, he continued to be known to the world.

 The famous Dr. Alexander Fleming had indeed discovered penicillin.

 Years later, the son of the same noble

 who had been rescued from the swamp was suffering from pneumonia.

 Who saved his life this time? Penicillin.

 What was the name of the noble?

 Sir Randolph Churchill and his son, Sir Winston Churchill.

 Someone once said:

 “All that goes away, come back …”

“All that goes around comes around…”

 Work as if you do not need money.

 Love as if you had never been hurt.

 Dance like no one is watching you.

 Sing as if no one is listening to you.

 Live as if Heaven were on Earth.

 This is the International Week of Friendship.

 Send this message to everyone you consider your friends,

 including the one who sent it to you.

 Send it and you will improve someone’s day.

 Nothing will happen if you do not do it.

 But if you do, someone will smile thanks to you.

 It’s best friends week…!



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