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In the lighter mood: Cancer Fighting Vegetables!



In the lighter mood: Cancer Fighting Vegetables!

Cancer Fighting Vegetables!

The Cancer Prevention Research Institute of the State Council announces a ranking of cancer-fighting vegetables:

Water, 99.

01: Tea 98.7

02: Sweet potato 94.4

03: Asparagus 93.9

04: Broccoli 92.8

05: Cabbage 91.4

06: Cauliflower 90.8

07: Celery 83.7

08: Eggplant skins 74.0

09: Bell peppers 55.5

10: Carrots 46.5

11: Cauliflower 37.6

12: Shepherds purse 35.4

13: Kohlrabi 34.7

14: Mustard 32.9

15: Potherb mustard 29.8

16: Tomatoes 23.8

17: Potatoes 23

18: Garlic 89.9

19: Onions 88.6

20: Medlar 67.8


Warm tip: All sweet potato contains bone collagen, with the yellow heart sweet potato the most. Hot lemonade is also anti-cancer, for the sake of health, please send this message to more people to see!


– Bolutife Egbewole



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Lighter Mood: GREED



…keeps Men Forever Poor



*Ayodele Emmanuel


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Did You Say Happy Birthday To Oga?



It was encomiums all the way, for the Editor-in-Chief/ CEO of Leadtimes Africa Magazine, Dr Samuel Oga, on the occasion of his birthday midweek, with his elderly son, Master Godwin Chinedu Oga. 

For him, and his contributions, industry stakeholders continued to give God the glory.

Yesterday, Dr. Oga in a chat with the Maritime First said he was humbled by the unrestrained show of love.

“Kindly accept my humble gratitude and appreciation for all your prayers and commitment made at the occasion of my birthday celebration yesterday with my son, Master Godwin Oga,” he said in a message. 

Dr. Samuel Oga

“You indeed made the day a memorable one for us as a family. 

“We pray that things of joy will never cease from you and your family. As you took time to celebrate with us, we wish to say once again that at every time of your celebration, men and women will rejoice with you also”, he also said, adding that the management and staff of Leadtimes Africa Magazine is indeed, proud of the stakeholders’ “showers of love”

 Now, did you too say Happy Birthday to Oga?

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LIGHTER Mood: Life is Reaping what we sow…!




By reaching this stage in life, the lion can no longer hunt, kill, or defend itself. It roars and roars until it weakens, then it will be surrounded by the Hyenas, nibbled and devoured.

They won’t even let him die to be dismembered. Life is short, what happens to the lion also happens to us humans. We won’t be young forever.

We won’t always be the strongest. We won’t always be on top. We won’t always be the boss. We won’t always be the king of the jungle or king of life.

As long as God and life gives us opportunities, let’s be humble, and remove arrogance and mistreatment. Because sooner or later, life will pass us a bill and we will reap just what we sow.��


Ayodele Emmanuel


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