LIGHTER MOOD: Avoid Every Provocation…!

LIGHTER MOOD: Avoid Every Provocation...!
Written by Maritime First

*The Rate at which People Just die all of a Sudden is becoming alarming.*

*Most Nigerians know*

*That we are in a*

*Period of*






*And the likes.*

*All these increases*

*The Risk of High Blood Pressure*

*Which also leads to Heart Failure or Attack*

*Of course, we expect* *sudden Death,*

*Which is now Rampant*

*Please, move away* *from being* *provoked* *easily*

*By your Children,*






*Husbands and Wives.*

*Avoid reacting to things aggressively.*

*Isolate yourself from Disturbances.*

*Avoid too much thinking*

*When there is no* *Money*

*Or food at home,*

*Just stay cool and calm*.

*Avoid exchange of words with People*

*At Home, Markets,* *Offices, etc.*

*Always check your BP,*

*Take your Drugs,*

*Follow Instructions,*

*And Exercises.*

*Go to see your Doctor immediately if you feel changes in your body,*

*Especially your Chest.*

*Stay in Peace*

*And never fight* *anyone*

Don’t be anxious for anything, instead, pray without ceasing

*Your Health is far better than any worldly thing.*

*Beware of Transferred Aggression.*

*Stay alive for yourself*

*Stay alive for your* *family*

*Stay alive for your* *glorious tomorrow*

*We only have one life to live,*

*Stay alive for me, you may help me tomorrow.*

*Don’t die before your time*

*This phase will definitely come to an end.*

*It shall be well…*

*God bless us all*

Stay safe!


*Ayodele Emmanuel


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