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I was surprised when my claim that Nigeria offers one of the cheapest tertiary education in the world was met with disdain.

What worried me most was the fact that the disdain came from people who enjoyed and still enjoying the highly subsidized tertiary education.

Some people who agreed were quick to label the Education substandard just to ridicule the country.

No matter what we feel about the country, the fact that we all enjoyed cheap tertiary education can not be controverted.

The fact speaks for itself.

I gained admission to the then Ondo State University,  Ado Ekiti in the 1996/97 session. My tuition fee was N5,150. It was one of the most expensive in the country then. I paid N4,850, N4,350 and N3,850 in the second, third and final years respectively.

I paid a total of N18,200 in 4 years for a University degree.

At that time, my counterparts in Obafemi Awolowo University were paying N500 as tuition.

You heard me right, five hundred naira.

This token gave them access to the university health care as well as the library.

N90 (Ninety Naira) was their hostel fees for a session.

My mates got a University degree from OAU Ife with less than N4,000.

It may interest you to know that medical students in the school paid the same ridiculous amount.

This is not a story of Lord Lugard Era. A Youth Corper allowee at that time was N3,750.

Which means,  a corper can sponsor someone in the University without blinking an eyelid.

By the time I started my youth service in 2002, the youth corper allowee has been increased to N7,500.

This means that my 3 months corper allowee was by far higher than what I paid in 4 years as school fees in a state university.

We are quick to compare Nigeria with the US, Canada, UK and other “saner climes”.

Someone even said Nigeria does not have students loan.

The loan system was instituted in these countries because an average citizen can not afford tertiary education.

It may interest you to know that Obama was already the President before he finished paying his student loan.

I don’t think any bank will give you a loan to pay the ridiculous amount we pay as fees in Nigerian Universities.

Till date the average tuition in public universities in  Nigeria is N50,000.

Nigeria, arguably, has the highest number of University graduates per square kilometre in the world. Thanks to the highly subsidized education we all enjoyed.

In saner climes, no middle-income earner can sponsor a child in the University without resorting to loans that will take the student years to clear.

You need as high as $80,000 to study medicine and $60,000 to study law.

This did not include hostel accommodation.

You will pay as high as $14,000 per session for hostel accommodation.

I am using Canada as a case study.

Note that education is cheaper in Canada than in the US.

A middle-income earner in Nigeria will sponsor a child in a public university without any problem.

In fact, a youth corper can afford to send his sibling to a university and afford the fees.

As per the quality, the UK has poached 7,000 Nurses from Nigeria within the last 12 months.

Saudi Arabia, Canada and UK are scrambling to poach all our Doctors that were trained cheaply by our Government.

I don’t think these countries will come to pack our “low quality” graduates to fill their ” high quality” health institutions.

We believe it is low quality because we got it cheaply. Skilled workers trained by our universities are currently running the show in Canada, UK and US.

I was present in a forum where Mr Babalola, a leading immigration lawyer in Toronto, was delivering a paper.

The first thing he did was to thank Nigeria for the cheap education given to him.

Babalola studied law at the University of Ibadan.

He knew he would have paid through his nose to get a Law degree in Canada.

I deliberately posted this tertiary education claim on our independence day because some people said there is nothing to celebrate in Nigeria.

If an ungrateful person gets to Paradise, he will find nothing to celebrate there.

It is simply a matter of perspective.

You don’t value what you have until you lose it.

No country is completely good or completely bad.

It depends on what you want to see.

I have met Canadians who did not see anything good in their country.

Someone said good people will always see the good in people.

In the same vein, I believe good citizens will always see the good in their country.




Adeola Daramola

October 02, 2021



NOUN introduces e-ticketing to ease students’ challenges, marks 20th anniversary



NOUN introduces e-ticketing to ease students challenges, marks 20th anniversary

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has introduced an e-ticketing platform ahead of its 20th anniversary slated for March 25.

The Vice-Chancellor of NOUN, Prof. Olufemi Peters, said in Abuja that the platform was introduced to resolve challenges encountered by students in real time.

“This helps us track the students’ challenges,” he said.

Peters noted that the institution had achieved so much in ensuring that Nigerians irrespective of their tight schedule, obtain quality education.

He said that 28,740 students would be graduating on Saturday as part of activities for the anniversary.

“The university wants to use the opportunity to showcase what it has achieved especially its exploits during the COVID-19 era.

“We have 21,339 undergraduates and 7,101 postgraduate students graduating.

“Among this number are 58 inmates out of which seven are postgraduate graduands.

“We have 14 centres in our prisons and we have been mandated to expand it.

“In all, we have 28,740 students graduating during our 12th convocation,” Peters said.

He disclosed that the graduating inmates were under scholarship adding that there were criteria to be among the beneficiaries.

Peters said the gesture was NOUN’s own way of discharging its corporate social responsibility to help the inmates lead a normal life after leaving the correctional centres.

He added that the first female Vice-chancellor of the University of South Africa (UNISA), Prof. Puleng LenkaBula, would be attending the convocation as the guest lecturer.

“Students of the five study centres in Abuja, first class and Masters students will come to the headquarters for the convocation, while others outside Abuja will join from the study centres in their various states.

“We have 141,000 active students and about 250,000 when you combine active and inactive students with 118 study centres nationwide.”

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Bumper Harvest: 2 Unilorin researchers win over N788m Innovate UK agric Award



Bumper Harvest: 2 Unilorin researchers win over N788m Innovate UK agric Award

Two researchers in the Department of Food Engineering, University of Ilorin (Unilorin), Prof. Joshua Olaoye and Dr. Musliu Sunmonu, have won over a N788 million grant from Innovate UK.

The two researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology won the grant for the 2022/2023 Africa AgriFood Knowledge Transfer Partnership (AAKTP)

The award was granted to Unilorin in partnership with De Montfort University, UK, and Microscale Embedded Limited, Abuja.

In his remark to the Unilorin Bulletin released on Monday, Olaoye, who is the Academic Lead for the project, explained that the grant award is agricultural based.

He said that the three groups, through their representatives, had earlier put up a collective proposal with major work done by Sunmonu of Unilorin as the Academic Supervisor.

“The lead supervisor is to create an enabling environment while the academic supervisor is the brain behind the project with the guidance of the lead supervisor. We must give kudos to Dr. Sunmonu for his resilience in this particular award,” he said.

According to him, the project has to be conducted in Nigeria and Unilorin is the only university to carry out the project under the ‘Innovate UK’ supervision.

“This is to ensure that we are doing the right thing in accordance with the demand of the granting body of the award.

“The company has to come again because it is not just paperwork alone; it transcends that. The focus is on how we can mitigate agricultural loss.

“Doing that involves coming out with the concept of putting all stakeholders within the agricultural value chain of multiple crops on the same page, such that we have producers.

“This particular research work will assist the farmers in doing the right thing at the right time to get the best productivity from the work they are carrying out,” he said.

Olaoye stated that this milestone would enhance the university’s Webometric ranking, and also give Unilorin opportunity for alumni to be employed in the project.

“When it starts, we hope that we will get a Laboratory where we will be training our students on Global Information Services,” he said.

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UNILAG postpones resumption of academic activities to March 21



UNILAG postpones resumption of academic activities to March 21

The University of Lagos has announced the postponement of the resumption of academic activities from March 14 to March 21.

This is contained in a statement by the institution’s Head, Communication Unit, Mrs Adejoke Alaga-Ibraheem, on Friday in Lagos.

The Federal Government had directed that students of higher institutions across the country should vacate their schools ahead of the 2023 general election.

Alaga-Ibraheem said the shift in resumption date was due to the re-scheduling of the governorship and House of Assembly elections from March 11 to March 18, by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

“On behalf of the University Senate, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, has approved that the resumption of academic activities in the institution be postponed to Tuesday, March 21.

“However, all other activities of the university, including inaugural lectures and meetings (excluding teaching) should continue as scheduled.

“Once again, members of the university community are implored to remain safe and security conscious, as well as orderly, civil and responsible in utterances and engagements online and offline.

“Further updates would be provided as the need arises in the coming days,” she said.

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