LIGHTER MOOD: Sometimes, you just have to let go...!
Written by Maritime First

The Judge asked the killer of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat:

“Why did you kill Sadat?”He said to him, “Because he is secular!”

The Judge replied: “What does secular means?”

The killer said: “I don’t know!”

In the case of the attempted assassination of the late Egyptian writer, Naguib Mahfouz,  the judge asked the man who stabbed Naguib Mahfouz: “Why did you stab him?”

The terrorist said: “Because of his novel – The children of our neighborhood”.

The judge asked him: “Have you read this novel?”

The criminal said: “No!”

Another judge asked the terrorist who killed the Egyptian writer ‘Faraj Fara’: “Why did you murder Faraj Fouda?”

The terrorist replied: “Because he is unfaithful!”

The Judge asked him: “How did you know he was unfaithful?”

The terrorist replied: “According to the books he wrote”.

The Judge said: “Which of his books did you know he is unfaithful?”

The Terrorist: “I haven’t read his books!”

Judge: “How?”

The terrorist replied: “I can’t read or write!”

*Hate never spreads through knowledge.

It always spreads through ignorance*

*We talk about ignorance.*

*This is how  societies pay the price of ignorance ′′ I love this piece*

May God heal our land.


*Kemi Esther



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