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LIGHTER Mood: Selling a Dead 🐎



LIGHTER Mood: Selling a Dead 🐎


In 1951 a politician bought a horse for a race at £50,000

The seller agreed to deliver the horse the next day.

In the morning, he drove up and said: “Sorry son, but I have some bad news.

The horse is dead.”

The politician replied: “Well, just give me my money back then.”

The seller said: “Can’t do that. I’ve already spent it.”

The politician said: “OK, then, just bring me the dead horse.”

The farmer asked: “What are you going to do with it?”

The politician said: “I’m going to raffle it off to the people as a speed horse that can win the race”

The seller responded: “You can’t raffle a dead horse.”

Politician replied: “Sure, I can.

Just watch me.

You don’t know the people, l will post wonderful pictures of a horse, I just won’t tell anybody it’s dead.

I will market it with propaganda and present him as capable of chasing criminals away”

A month later, the seller met up with a politician and asked: “What happened with that dead horse?”

Politician replied: “I raffled it off.

I sold 1million tickets at £2 each and made a profit of £2m

The seller was dazed and asked: “Didn’t anyone complain?”

The politician said: “Just the guy who won.

I told him the horse died on our way to deliver.

So, I gave him back his £2 with an apology.

I told him l have refunded everyone.

He consoled me and told me to keep it up that am a good man.’

That after all, I have suffered (a lot of loss).

He prayed for me and called on God to bless me.

Telling me that the country needs honest people like me to come and run for office”.


The political raffle ticket sellers are back, about to sell to us another possible dead horse in 2023*

Let’s choose carefully.

May we be guided.

Very best wishes to all of us.


M. Bulangu



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LIGHTER MOOD: *What is politics?*



A Russian Jew was finally allowed to emigrate to Israel. At Moscow airport, customs found a Lenin statue in his baggage and asked, _”What is this?”

The man replied, _”What is this? Wrong question comrade. You should have asked: Who is he? This is Comrade Lenin. He laid the foundations of socialism and created the future and prosperity of the Russian people. I am taking it with me as a memory of our dear hero.”

The Russian customs officer let him go without further inspection. At Tel Aviv Airport, the Israeli customs officer also asked our friend,  _”What is this?”

He replied, _”What is this? Wrong question, Sir. You should be asking, ‘Who is this?’ This is Lenin, the bastard who caused me, a Jew, to leave Russia. I take this statue with me so I can curse him every day.”

The Israeli customs officer said, _”I apologize, Sir, you are cleared to go”

Settling into his new house, he put the statue on a table. To celebrate his immigration, he invited his friends and relatives to dinner.

One of his friends asked, _”Who is this?”

He replied, _”My dear friend, ‘Who is this’ is a wrong question. You should have asked, What is this? This is ten kilograms of solid gold that I managed to bring with me without paying any customs duty and tax.”_

Politics is when you can tell the same shit in different ways to fool a different audience, to allow you to look good in every way….

*Real Politician*

***From: Ayodele Emmanuel


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