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Miss Nigeria advises parents to monitor what children view on TV stations, social media



Miss Nigeria advises parents to monitor what children view on TV stations, social media

Miss Nigeria, Chidimma Aaron, on Wednesday advised parents to always monitor what their under age children view on television stations, and the social media to reduce immorality in the society.

The 26-year-old model from Anambra spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on issues bordering on moral perception of some reality show programmes on some television stations.

According to her, parents owe their children the responsibility of deciding which programme they feel has moral value and will be of advantage to the children’s future.

She said that those programmes rated 18 and above by the regulatory agency should be blocked by parents.

She said that through that, the children would not have access to them when their parents were not with them.

“ Parents must, therefore, guide their young adults on the contents of what they are viewing on television stations.

“They should use teachable moments and healthy conversation tactics to interact with them during such programmes,” she told NAN.

She noted that whether the children were young or old, the parents still had the responsibility to guide them through the right part.

“To achieve this effectively, parents have to keep an open mind with their children.

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“They must also view the topic at hand, weigh it and take the right action instead of accusing the media industry of airing immoral programmes on the various television stations,” she said.

The beauty queen also described the Big Brother Reality (BBN) show as an entertainment industry that attracted players (“housemates”) and brands due to the economic value attached to it.

“The housemates compete for a star prize, other complimentary prizes while brands gained visibility due to the vast audience that normally tuned in to watch it.

“All this ensures that the organisers smiled to the bank; however, this does not come without a backlash due to exciting poor public perception about the reality show.

“The show can have negative and positive effects on our children, but it depends on what parents decide for their children,” she said.

The beauty queen noted that the promoters of the show used to advertise on television stations that those under 18 years of age should not to be allowed to watch it.

“This automatically means children should not be allowed to view it and parents have the responsibility of enforcing this restriction,” she said.

She then advised against spontaneous unhealthy content that could have a negative influence or perception on the youth and the society at large.

“Though, there have been various case studies that were carried out in the house which the players and viewers had benefited from.

“There remains the need to guard against spontaneous unhealthy immoral content from the reality show being displayed on television stations.

“This will help the viewing public to avoid developing a complete wrong perception about the reality programme, “she said.

NAN reports that there has been public condemnation of some of the activities among the BBN housemates.

One of it was the relationship between two of the housemates which many perceived as being immoral.




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Pilgrimage: Participation May Slide As Adamawa Announces N4.679m For 2024 Hajj



…Executive Secretary blames increment from N2.89m on rising operational costs, exchange rate fluctuations and inflation

Participation at the 2024 Pilgrimage in Adamawa may shrink as the State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Commission has announced N4.679 million fare, for this year’s Hajj.

What goes for Adamawa, may similarly affect the other states of the country, as hajj fare in 2023 was only N2.89 million.

The Executive Secretary of the commission, Malam Abubakar Salihu, made the announcement at a news briefing on Tuesday in Yola.

Salihu attributed the increment in the Hajj fare to rising operational costs, exchange rate fluctuations and inflation.
He said that the decision was made after careful consideration and consultations with relevant stakeholders.
According to him, the commission is committed to providing the best possible services, while ensuring transparency and accountability in the utilisation of the funds.

He called on intending pilgrims to always adhere to the rules and regulations both in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia to enhance a hitch-free and successful pilgrimage.

Salihu also stressed the need for intending pilgrims to comply with the procedures and protocols established by the commission.
He emphasised the importance of continuous orientation and education for the intending pilgrims.

The executive secretary reiterated his commitment to ensuring a successful and memorable Hajj pilgrimage for the intending pilgrims in the state.

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4. The most civilized zone in the country 

5. The most educated zone in the country 

6. The zone of federal, State, and private Universities

7. The zone of big Churches and worship centers in Nigeria.

8. The  most accommodating and tolerant zone in the country 

9. The number one zone for imports and exports in the country.

10. Richest zone in the country without any shred of doubts

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13. The zone is number one in almost everything among the six zones in the country.

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