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NAGAFF activates Trade Compliance’s 2nd Stanza, lauds Malanta for sanctioning nonperforming Bonded Terminals



NAGAFF activates Trade Compliance's 2nd Stanza, lauds Malanta for sanctioning nonperforming Bonded Terminals
NAGAFF activates Trade Compliance's 2nd Stanza, lauds Malanta for sanctioning nonperforming Bonded Terminals

The founder of National Association for Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Dr. Boniface Aniebonam

The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has activated the second stage of Trade Compliance engagement for Ports and Border Stations.

The NAGAFF Founder, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam who highlighted it, said it was sequel to the establishment of a five-man Committee of Special Duty Response Team, to compliment efforts of the general duty Committee members of Trade Compliance team at Zones and Area Commands of the Customs Ports and Border Stations nationwide.

“This has become necessary for the obvious reason that the operational structure of NAGAFF does not permit the leadership of the Compliance Team at the Zones and Area Commands to hook-up with the Headquarters of the Nigeria Customs Service, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, NAFDAC, NDLEA, NSC, NIMASA, NPA, etc over their activities other than the authority of NAGAFF Headquarters to do so”, Dr. Aniebonam stated, noting that this presupposes that the Headquarters of the various Government Agencies and Parasatals designated at the Nigeria entry points may not be familiar and conversant with the activities of the NAGAFF Trade Compliance Team at the Customs Ports and approved Border Stations.

The freight Forwarding guru posited that the vacancy so created is to be filled up for higher stakes at this second stage of Trade Compliance engagements.

“This simply translates to the fact that any observations made by the Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim led Compliance Team at the various Commands level shall be forwarded to the home offices of the affected Government Agencies for further action.

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“It is our hope that Nigerians and the international community coming to transact businesses in our Ports and Borders shall be circumspect and law abiding in their dealings by observing and upholding the approved Standard Operating Conditions in our country.

“We must observe that the Compliance Team of NAGAFF shall zero their tolerance level on the Agents of the Government who are under oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of Nigeria. They do not have any reason whatsoever to connive with the trading community to cheat Government they ought to serve and protect. Loyalty to Government must be absolute on the part of the Agents of the Government.

“Therefore, we are simply insisting, under the canopy of Compliance Trade rule that the Agents of Government should uphold their responsibility to enforce regulations because laws are made to be obeyed and or enforced. Indeed, obedience to the rule of law is the key to a peaceful society, friendship and development.

“The Compliance Team of NAGAFF at the Headquarters shall without fear or favour, highlight names of Government officials who may be aiding and abetting crime against the Nigerian State in the Customs Ports. Make no mistake to understand that a business man has only one thing in mind (which is to make profit) and may not care so long as his actions translate to higher profit margin.  He would go ahead to take the risk under the doctrine that business in itself is a risk. It is, indeed, most unfortunate but that is the situation on ground”, the NAGAFF Founder reasoned further.

He explained NAGAFF’s belief that Government may be conversant or familiar with some kind of negative belief of the trading community and so decide to deploy its officials to protect the interest of the Government and the State.

It shall, therefore, be an act of disloyalty and unpatriotism on the part of any Agent of the Government to connive with the trading public to cheat the same Government he swore an oath to serve and protect.

“The Compliance Team of NAGAFF Headquarters shall definitely look out for this kind of officers in the Customs, Police, NDLEA, NAFDAC, NSC, Immigration, SON, NIMASA, etc who connive with the public to cheat Nigeria.

“We need to emphasis that the Government shall enhance the welfare of Government Agents so as to increase their productivity level. Government shall also make further efforts in the area of Public Policy Advocacy to educate and enlighten the trading community on matters of Compliant to Trade rules.

“The importance of Compliance to Trade rules cannot be overemphasized. When we observe trade rules, FOU, CGC STRIKE FORCE, CUSTOMS POLICE, SON ENFORCEMENT, VARIOUS ALERTS, PCA ETC will fizzle out and die natural death.

“Other advantages include but not limited to increased Revenue collection, enhance security of the State, even competitiveness, FRIENDSHIP, enhanced productivity, investment destination and technical competence”, he also said, expressing admiration for Comptroller Yusuf Malanta, the Customs Area Controller in-charge of Apapa Port, “for raising the bar to sanction some of the Bonded Terminals under his supervision, which are operating below the approved standard requirement”.


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Healing Initiative: Customs CG Hosts Maiden Retired Management Team Reunion



…Pledges Welfare Boost***

The Comptroller-General Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR has flagged of a structured healing process, as he initiated a maiden retired Management Team members of the Nigeria Customs Service, stressing that they have so much to offer in terms of experience, and shared legacy of diligence and commitment. 

Addressing a momentous gathering at the Customs Corporate Headquarters in Abuja on Saturday, 25 November 2023, the Customs Comptroller General said he recognised and appreciates their importance, contributions, and dedication; and would ensure their relevance is honoured.

Adeniyi disclosed ongoing discussions with the Minister of Finance to champion a bill establishing a dedicated Pension Scheme, adding that the Service has received the best from them and intends to honour.

“Today marks a momentous occasion as we come together for the first-ever reunion of Customs’ seasoned leaders”, Comptroller General, Adewale Adeniyi stated, in a heartfelt address, adding:

“This strategic initiative reflects foresight in securing the financial future of leaders within the Nigeria Customs Service”.

He reassured the retirees of comprehensive measures to elevate their welfare with a plan to integrate them into the Nigeria Customs Service’s healthcare programs. 

Specifically, he also emphasized his genuine commitment to sustaining bonds beyond active service; emphasizing the wealth of knowledge within the room and the need to strengthen the roots connecting the past, present, and future of the Nigeria Customs Service.

Highlighting the retirees’ significant contributions, Adeniyi stressed crafting customized programs for seamless collaboration, ensuring the service continues to benefit from their expertise; and described the gathering as a definitive avenue for connecting with successful leaders who have played pivotal roles in shaping the organization.

Optimistic about the impact of the reunion, the CGC expressed confidence that their coming together would contribute to greater efficiency, enhanced regulatory compliance, and entrench stable economic development goals for the country. 

 “I am confident that with your continued support and guidance, we will overcome challenges and achieve greater heights”, he further said.

Those present at the occasion included the immediate past Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Ahmed Ali (retired), Dr. Abubakar Musa, Bernard Nwadialo, and a former sole administrator, Major-General SOG Ango (retired).

Also in attendance were many retired Deputy Comptroller-Generals of Customs and Assistant Comptroller-Generals of Customs.

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33rd IMO General Assembly: Jamoh To Market Blue Economy



…While Oyetola announces vision to international audience***

The Director General of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency NIMASA Dr Bashir Jamoh has indicated that he would meticulously market the Blue Economy, once he arrived in London, as part of Nigeria’s delegation to the 33rd session of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) General Assembly.
He also said the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, who is leading Nigeria’s delegation will announce Nigeria’s Blue Economy direction to the global audience while participating at the IMO 2023 General Assembly.

*Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, (right) and Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA during the 33rd session of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) General Assembly in London.

The Maritime First First was told, that Over the next few days, the global maritime community will be better informed about the efforts of President Bola Tinubu’s Administration to harness Nigeria’s maritime potentials in line with Global Best Practices.

*R-L: Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO, Abdul Dirisu; Director, Maritime Safety & Security, Babatunde Bombata; Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola; Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, Dr. Bashir Jamoh, and Deputy  Director, London office, William Bwala during the 33rd session of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) General Assembly in London.

“NIMASA, as IMO’s focal Agency in Nigeria, remains resolute in administering Safety and Security in our maritime domain”, Jamoh explained.

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Maritime Expert Unveils Book For Pupils On Career Path



Olaitan Williams says book is to motivate pupils to explore the Blue Economy sector’s huge potential***

A book, “Some Career Opportunities in the Marine and Blue Economy Workplace” was on Monday unveiled by a maritime expert, Mrs Violet Olaitan Williams, in a deliberate move to motivate pupils to explore the huge job potential in the Marine and Blue Economy sector.

The book was unveiled during the Ocean Ambassadors Foundation’s (OAF) fifth Educators and Maritime Stakeholders Lecture and Award; and 4th nationwide virtual Maritime Quiz Competition in Lagos.

Williams said she initially had a book that had a compendium, a compilation of lecture series for the past six years, but discovered that an 18-year-old girl did not know the colour of water not to talk of careers therein.

“To this extent, what we are trying to do in essence is to make sure that an elementary school boy or girl will fashion out their career in the marine and blue economy in the early stages.

“So, I had to simplify it and try to get the ABC of it so that with the new ministry of marine and blue economy, it will be easier even at the top to understand because the ministry is new,” she said.

Williams, a former board member of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, noted that most people who got into the maritime industry, as we all heard them today, got in accidentally.

“But we want a sustainable industry so that it will not be an accidental entry, it will be a purposeful entry with sustainability.

“We only have the platform now, the framework, but the impetus to continue is sustainable and must start from the cradle, and that is what informed me,” she said.

On plans to inculcate this into the school framework, Williams noted that in 2022, she wrote to the Ministry of Education and fortunately got a reply from their agency that deals with curriculum and that was where we are now.

“But with the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy, they should take it up because we were advocating for a blue economy industry and now that we have it, they should take it up.

“We have done our beat, they should now invite us to ask where we have stopped because we have stopped when it comes to curriculum,” she said.

Earlier, while reviewing the book, Mrs Carolyn Ufere, the Independent Maritime Practitioner and former General Manager, the Nigerian Ports Authority, described Williams a lone fighter trying to push the industry forward.

Ufere noted that Williams’s focus on educating the girl-child and getting the best out of them motivated her to write the book.

“The book contains several elements that will compel the younger ones into the field, the title is clear and the forward highlights the significance of the ocean as a source of work for mankind.

“The book presents the maritime sector as an arena where issues are addressed and she charges the young ones to sell the blue economy to the world, selling its gains,” she said.

Ufere noted that information was power, adding that the book contained tools that would be used to empower the young girl and likewise the boys.

“I recommend the book to every institution, organisation where great minds are nurtured as it will be a book that will turn around our nation,” she said.

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