NAGAFF President tells new executives no room for failure

NAGAFF tells Nigerians: Remain Hopeful, don't forget to Share
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The President of, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Mr Tochukwu Ezisi, has told the executive members of the association to be on top of their assignments as failure would not be accepted.

Ezisi admonished the members at a training session organised to prepare them for the task ahead, according to a statement issued in Lagos on Monday.

“This training session is to guide us with the affairs of the association.

“If we imbibe the training, it will go a long way in our day-to-day activities. So, there is a need to pick things that will help us in our various leadership work. The executives are expected to be more productive.

“It is a new dawn and a new change.

In my inaugural speech, I made it known that we must face the task.

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“I insisted on this training for them to know what awaits them in their various positions and that we won’t take failure from anybody. Everyone must be on top of his job.

“With what happened today, I believe that NAGAFF members and the national officers now know we have a new NAGAFF.

“I have never been identified with failure. So, I am looking at taking NAGAFF to another level,” Ezisi said.

He said the training, with the theme “Smart Strategies and Creative Thinking”, was to groom members of the newly constituted National Executive Council.

Ezisi said it would also equip the executives to become good leaders and transact their activities professionally.

Dr Taiwo Nolas-Alausa, who spoke on Basics of Leadership, said leadership borders on how one thinks, reasons, structures and champions the cause of the organisation towards greater heights.

“There is a need to deploy these basic foundations to make NAGAFF more efficient,” he said.

Dr Segun Musa, a Freight Forwarder and a participant described the training as a good initiative, urging the president to keep it up.

He said the training would serve as an eye-opener to other leaders that would come after him.

“Information is key to good things, and the president has taken it upon himself to ensure he disseminates the right information to the executives.

So, at the end of the day, everybody will know their responsibility.

“How to develop a strategy for team building, teamwork, total quality management and organisational focus and goals are also the focus of this training,” Musa said.

Another participant, Mrs Chi Eze commended the NAGAFF president for the training, describing it as a wealth of knowledge.

“This is the first time I am attending such training. I have been able to pick some information on how to be a good leader.

It shows the president is capable of handling the mantle of leadership given to him.”

The training was facilitated by MC Nolas Services in collaboration with Capt. Buoy Consulting.


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