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POP: POF Collection Opposition Compromised: By Chidi Opara



CRFFN Crash Training Program: The Issues At Stake!

It is apparent that the POF collection opposition have been compromised.

Nobody should however come back tomorrow to regale us with stories of the inability of CRFFN to account for the proceeds of POF collection.

When they supported impositions in CRFFN in 2018, we were watching and listening to their support stories, but knowing that the balloon would burst one day. It did burst and they were shamelessly all over the place accusing CRFFN of every imaginable offences.

Now, they are at it again, singing their usual support songs because they have been promised a percentage of proceeds of the POF collection.

We are also watching and taking notes of their current shameless support songs.

Like before, the balloon will also burst and they would come back, with their so called anti corruption noise but this time, they would not meet the usual gullible crowd they are used to.

Chidi Anthony Opara

(Registered Freight Forwarder and stakeholder)

[31/7, 16:56] CHIDI ANTHONY OPARA RFF: Questions For The New Apostles Of POF Collection:

(1) What has happened to the “take back our CRFFN” campaign launched last year under that fantastic name?

(2) What has happened to the “Registrar must go” campaign also launched last year with fanfare?

(3)Why are the “founders”, “Presidents” and “former Presidents” who are at the forefront of the “no collection of POF until there is accountability in CRFFN” last year and early this year, suddenly in support of POF collection now when the accountability in CRFFN has not happened or has it happened?

(4)Were we not told that the Registrar was “corrupt” and “unqualified”. Now we are being told that that same “corrupt” and “unqualified” Registrar should be allowed to collect and manage fund in the region of billions of Naira. Is the Registrar now qualified and not corrupt?

(5)What remarkable positive developments have happened in CRFFN in the past one year that have necessitated the recent “give CRFFN time to deliver” that is being bandied about now?


Chidi Anthony Opara

(Freight Forwarder and stakeholder)


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Customs Auctions 25,162 Litres Of Seized Petrol To Public In Sokoto



Customs Auctions 25,162 Litres Of Seized Petrol To Public In Sokoto

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Sokoto/Zamfara Command has auctioned 25,162 litres of seized petrol to the public in Sokoto State.

Mr Kamal Muhammed, the Area Controller, announced this while addressing newsmen in Sokoto on Wednesday.

According to Muhammed, the auction is in line with extant laws and the approval of the Comptroller General of Customs, Mr Bashir Adeniyi.

“A few weeks ago, under the directive of the Comptroller General, we auctioned 11,270 litres of PMS intercepted by operatives of Operation Whirlwind.

Customs Auctions 25,162 Litres Of Seized Petrol To Public In Sokoto
Mr Kamal Muhammed, the Sokoto/Zamfara Command Area Controller Nigeria Customs Service addressing journalists in Sokoto on Wednesday

“However, due to the intensified clampdown on smugglers of petroleum products, the service seized 55,164 litres of PMS within the period under review.

“This is with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of about N39 million,” Muhammed said.

The area controller explained that the price difference of petrol between Nigeria and other West African countries made the smuggling of the product a profitable venture for the smugglers.

“Even with the subsidy removal, Nigeria remains among the countries with the cheapest PMS.

“PMS is sold at an average of N701.99 per litre in Nigeria, while in Cameroon it is sold at N2,061.55, in Mali at N2,128.20, and the Republic of Benin at N1,672.05,” he stated.

Cross section of seized Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) by Nigeria Customs Service in Sokoto State

Muhammed added that the smuggling of PMS has continued to create artificial scarcity in some parts of the country.

“This has also added burden on the country’s scarce foreign exchange used to import the product,” he added.

He said that the auction to the general public was at a token of N180 per litre.

Muhammed assured that the service would continue to protect Nigeria’s economic interests with dedication, justice, and integrity.

Delivering the Comptroller General’s message to smugglers, he stated, “The NCS will run you out of your illegitimate business.” 

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CGC Visits Family of Late Deputy Comptroller Etop Essien



… Says no one is qualified to question the will of God!

The Comptroller-General of Customs (CGC), Adewale Adeniyi, has expressed deep sorrow while paying a condolence visit to the family of the late Deputy Comptroller, Etop Essien, who tragically passed away on 25 June 2024, while making a presentation before the National Assembly Public Accounts Committee.

During his visit, on 10 July 2024 in Abuja, the CGC in a deeply heartfelt moment, offered prayers for the repose of the deceased, describing it as a loss that has resonated profoundly, within the Nigeria Customs Service and beyond.

“We pray that God will strengthen the family during this difficult time and give you the wisdom to understand that only He gives and takes, and we cannot question His will.”

The CGC further emphasised the remarkable dedication of the late Deputy Comptroller Essien, noting his sincere commitment to duties.

 “He was highly committed to his duties and knew exactly what he was doing. We pray that God will comfort you and stay with you through this time of grief,” the NCS Arrowhead stated.

The CGC further noted that the loss of Deputy Comptroller Etop Essien is a reminder of the fragility of life and the profound impact of dedicated public servants.

“His memory will undoubtedly continue to inspire his colleagues and those who knew him. 

“As the Nigeria Customs Service mourns his passing, the thoughts and prayers of the entire service are with his family, hoping they find strength and solace amid their grief”, the CGC also said.

In a gesture of support and assurance, the CGC informed the family that the letter concerning the burial arrangements had been received and that the service would expedite the processing of all benefits due to the late officer. 

“This commitment underscores the Nigeria Customs Service’s dedication to honouring the service and memory of Deputy Comptroller Essien.” the Customs Boss noted.

Responding, Mrs. Essien, the widow of the late Deputy Comptroller, expressed her profound gratitude to the CGC for his visit and kind words. 

She shared how her husband had always held the CGC and the Nigeria Customs Service in high esteem, even until his final moments. 

“He respected and admired the service greatly,” she said, promising to update the service on the burial arrangements while ensuring that her husband receives the honour he deserves.

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Police Force PRO Visits Customs Counterpart, To Strengthen Interagency Ties



Police Force PRO Visits Customs Counterpart, To Strengthen Interagency Ties

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Force,  Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Olumuyiwa Adejobi, paid a courtesy visit to the National Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Service, Chief Superintendent of Customs (CSC), Abdullahi Maiwada on 9 July 2024, at the Nigeria Customs Service headquarters in Abuja.

Abdullahi Maiwada who disclosed this to newsmen said the gesture was in a move to enhance inter-agency collaboration.

During the visit, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi emphasised the importance of collaboration between the Nigeria Police Force and the Nigeria Customs Service. 

“Our roles as security agencies are crucial to national security and economic stability. 

“By working together, we can better discharge our responsibilities and serve the public more effectively,” Adejobi stated.

CSC Abdullahi Maiwada, in his reaction, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

 “This visit is a significant step towards strengthening our relationship with the Nigeria Police Force. Our combined efforts will undoubtedly enhance our operational efficiency and public service delivery,” said Maiwada.

The meeting focused on identifying areas of mutual interest where both agencies can cooperate to improve their functions to foster a positive image for both institutions.

The visit concluded with a mutual pledge to work towards enhancing national security and economic prosperity.

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ADEBAYO SARUMI: Doyen of Maritime Industry Marks 80th Anniversary, Saturday 

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