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Russia-Ukraine War: Civilian casualties ‘unfortunate’ – Experts

Russia-Ukraine War: Civilian casualties ‘unfortunate’ – Experts
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Two international relations experts have described as “unfortunate”, the fate of civilians caught in the web of the Russia-Ukraine war.

They made the remarks in separate interviews with the newsmen on Saturday in Lagos.

Newsmen report that the war between Russia and Ukraine, which has been ongoing for over two months, has killed thousands of people and displaced millions.

According to Prof. Ayo Olukotun of the Political Science Department, Olabisi Onabanjo University, wars more often than not, lead to using humans as collateral damage.

The international relations expert said that on the part of foreigners who were still trying to escape the war, they should have known better.

He added that Ukraine was not a country to be in my free will, considering its history.

“Russians are no fools, although a bit aggressive.

“For them to continue taking the same position, even after various world leaders have called for peace deals to end the war.

“Albeit, they are remaining adamant as a result of some apprehensions or their earlier experiences, especially during the Cold War; casualties will continue to be on the increase,’’ Olukotun said.

International Affairs Analyst, Chude Achike, said the ongoing war was an unfortunate situation that the world did not need.

Achike added that whether fought in Africa, Europe or Asia, wars were disastrous.

According to him, when powers in the international community look at the horrendous damage being done, they will feel remorseful for not doing more to prevent “an avoidable war”.

He said that global peace remained threatened by the war, adding that the biggest danger was what lay ahead.

“We have a rule-based global system where there are standards mostly under the aegis of the United Nations which countries must abide by in manners that won’t endanger world peace.

“However, it is said that the pen is mightier than the sword but the reality is that when it comes to international politics, the sword is mightier than the pen.

“When it comes to global powers, the international community is always conscious of the military strength of warring countries and realise they can’t act against them as they would third world countries,’’ Achike said.


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