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Tired and Weary, ANLCA Sues for Peace



Tired and Weary, ANLCA Sues for Peace

…BOT Says Crisis has been time, energy Consuming!***

The battle-weary Board of Trustees of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents(ANLCA) led by Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, has offered to collaborate and integrate the warring group of Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha into their fold if they are ready to embrace peace.

It could be recalled that the freight forwarding group, reputed to be the oldest freight forwarding association in Nigeria, has been embroiled in a long-drawn battle of supremacy and show of powers between two parallel BOT that were contending for the soul of the association.

This has thrown the association into an energy-sapping crisis for almost five years without any sign of abatement.

However, after rigorous court processes and internal realignments, the hybrid processes of legal and constitutional mechanisms threw up Dr. Afolabi- led BOT as the authentic group whose genuineness was further reaffirmed and reinforced by the reopening and handling of the association’s secretariat to the National Executive Council of the Association led by Tony Iju Nwabunike by the police last week Friday

However, refusing to bask in the seeming victory and get intoxicated by the vindication of its stance as exemplified by the possession of the reopened secretariat, the Afolabi-led BOT has returned no victor, no vanquished verdict but called for the unification of the warring parties for the peace and unity of the war-weary association.

Speaking on Tuesday in Lagos, Price Ozo Chukwurah, the Vice-Chairman of ANLCA BOT declared that the board is ready to bend backward to accommodate the other warring group in order to end this seeming protracted crisis.

According to him, the board was willing to make concessions to the other group to foster the elusive peace in the association.

”This is a new year, I plead and sue for peace, even if it means going down on my knees. I will do everything possible for us to achieve peace.

”We should embrace peace and shun bitterness because time is fast running out.

”I will make a proposal to our board and NECOM so that we can convene an AGM/NEC meeting where the suspension of some members could be reversed and they would be reabsorbed into the association for peace to reign.

”Most of us in the elective positions in the association are on the final lap of our tenure. We need youths to come up and take over.

” Only four people from the Mustapha group are qualified to recontest their positions and they are Dayo Azez, Ernest Elochukwu, Taiwo Mustapha and Dennis Okafor who can join the nine members of Taiwo Afolabi-led board. We need to amend the constitution to accommodate them. This should not be a problem because laws are made for man and not man for the law.

”This is the part of the peace efforts the board is willing to make to ensure that this crisis is resolved and lasting peace is restored back to the ANLCA.

” Even these people I mentioned, some of them don’t have time for the association again because they are heavyweight. They don’t even have enough time for their numerous business interests. So we need to start to groom some capable youths to take over the leadership of the association.

”The second aspect is we should allow all the actions and inactions of Tony Iju to pawn off. Every chapter where he conducted elections should be allowed to serve out its tenure.

”Also, if we come together, the board will allow them to be part of the ASECO that will conduct the next elections.

”They are too big to be ASECO members but they can send in their representatives to the association electoral body.

”We run an inclusive government not by appointment but elections.

”I was elected as a member of the BOT for six years and I have served out two years, remaining four years. I am not willing to resign but intend to serve out my tenure.

” I have supported all the past members who have served on the board, I never called for their sack or resignation before they served out their tenure, including Taye Oyeniyi, until this crisis started.

”Therefore, I am begging everyone concerned to allow peace to reign in the association.

”I am calling on all of them to an enlarged meeting where we all jaw-jaw and not war-war so that we can bring the association back from the brink of collapse to the path of peace.

”No victor, no vanquished. We are all winners in this matter”, the BOT Vice Chairman declared.

He also explained that all the court cases that could have acted as barriers to the peace deals have all been disposed off except one that will be decided in February but which he said have been overtaken by event.

Prince Chukwurah further noted that the only one that could have presented a bit of challenge was the one instituted by Tony Iju Nwabunike when he was attacked by hoodlums loyal to the other group.

He however promised that if the Mustapha group could embrace peace, the BOT will prevail on Nwabunike to withdraw the criminal suit from court to give peace a chance.

”Another criminal case pending was the one where Tony Iju and his group were attacked. We shall look into that and prevail on the complainants to withdraw it if only the other group agrees to embrace peace”

The ANLCA chieftain lamented that the crisis has taken a heavy toll on the association, appealing to all aggrieved parties to sheath their swords and allow peace to reign.

He however claimed that it was only Joe Sanni, the Senior Assistant on Media and Publicity to the immediate past President of ANLCA, Price Olayiwola Shittu, who was profiting from the crisis.

”He is the only one feeding fat on the crisis, hence his intention to continue to fan the ember of discord with his inflammatory statements that are bare-faced lies and falsehood” Ozo alleged.


Naira Gains N61.38 Against Dollar At Official Market



Naira Gains N61.38 Against Dollar At Official Market

The Naira on Wednesday appreciated at the official market, trading at N1,459.02 to the dollar.

Data from the official trading platform of the FMDQ Exchange revealed that the Naira gained N61.38.

This represents a 4.04 per cent gain when compared to the previous trading date on Tuesday, when the local currency exchanged at N1,520.40 to a dollar.

Also, the total daily turnover increased to 289.14 million dollars on Wednesday up from 128.76 million dollars recorded on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, at the Investor’s and Exporter’s (I&E) window, the Naira traded between N1,593 and N1,401 against the dollar. 

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SIFAX Group: Chairman Highlights Blue Economy’s Vast Potential At LAUTECH Lecture



SIFAX Group: Chairman Highlights Blue Economy's Vast Potential At LAUTECH Lecture

… Afolabi identifies coastal tourism as a significant growth area with capacity to create multi-product economy

Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, Chairman of SIFAX Group, has highlighted the vast potential of Nigeria’s blue economy, particularly in coastal tourism and renewable energy generation. 

Speaking at the 16th Convocation Lecture of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Afolabi emphasized the need for sustainable development of the country’s ocean resources to drive economic growth and diversification.

Afolabi identified coastal tourism as a significant area of growth, with the potential to provide socio-economic benefits and create a multi-product economy. 

He also highlighted the potential of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and tidal energy to reduce the carbon footprint of the maritime sector.

The SIFAX Group Chairman noted that Nigeria can learn from the Philippines’ experience in deploying seafarers in the global shipping business and emphasized the need for a robust maritime educational curriculum that incorporates technology, trends, and industry dynamics.

Afolabi cautioned that tapping the potential of the blue economy must be done responsibly and sustainably, highlighting measures such as sustainable aquaculture practices, environmental waste management, and preservation of marine ecosystems.

 He also emphasized the need for effective regulation by government agencies and the enactment of laws that promote the blue economy.

With Nigeria’s vast ocean resources and coastline, the blue economy presents a significant opportunity for economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development. As the government continues to diversify the economy, the insights shared by Dr Afolabi provide a valuable roadmap for harnessing the potential of the blue economy.

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Customs CG Tours Huawei HQ, Lantan Port in Shenzhen to Boost Modernization Efforts



Customs CG Tours Huawei HQ, Lantan Port in Shenzhen to Boost Modernization Efforts

The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs (CGC), Adewale Adeniyi, on Thursday, 9 May 2024, led his team to the Headquarters of Huawei, a famous information and communications technology company in Shenzhen, China, where he discussed opportunities embedded in Nigeria Customs Service Trade Modernisation Project.

His visit to Huawei Headquarters was part of his official visit to the People’s Republic of China for the 6th Global AEO Conference that took place in the city of Shenzhen between Wednesday, 8 May – Friday, 10 May 2024.

Stating the purpose of his visit to the company’s office on behalf of his team, CGC Adeniyi said, “We are also delighted to associate the Global Leader Technology Services through the Team of Trade Modernization.”

It would be recalled that the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) had, during the Huawei Connect 2023 held in Shanghai in October 2023, expressed readiness to deploy some of the company’s latest products for use in its trade modernisation project. 

The CGC, who urged Huawei’s company leadership to sustain their digitalisation services to NCS, also sought their support to collaborate with the Nigeria Customs Service to maintain their transformative journey with the company.

On his part, Xujing Xu, the Huawei Company’s Vice President of Smart Transportation, welcomed the delegation of the NCS led by CGC Adewale Adeniyi and the Management Team of the Trade Modernization Project (TMP) Limited, led by Chairman Saleh Ahmadu. 

He expressed confidence that their collaboration will benefit all parties involved, noting that “the foundational work for this transformation is already underway.”


The TMP Chairman, Saleh Ahmadu, during his address, asserts that Huawei is living up to expectations to deliver its mandate under the auspices of Trade Modernization Project Limited. He appreciated the support accorded to him by the CGC and his management team towards the success of the NCS Trade Modernization Project.

Meanwhile, in his bid to upscale the level of NCS modernisation, the Comptroller-General of Customs, alongside members of the Trade Modernization Project led by Chairman Saleh Ahmadu, visited Lantan Port to witness the level of automation and technological solutions provided by Huawei and other tech partners. 

In a related development, a training program on Trends and Digital Solutions for Customs officials and the Trade Modernization Project (TMP) team was organised by Huawei on Thursday, May 9, 2024, which focused on equipping officials with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape of modern trade.

Furthermore, the entourage of the Comptroller-General of Customs and the TMP Chairman received another training on Business Management with the theme “The Journey of Huawei’s Continuous Growth”. 

The training, according to the facilitator, was aimed at paving ways for NCS to enhance the capacity of officials to manage trade facilitation in Nigeria.

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