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Weekend Ginger: Buhari, Statehood; And The People’s Growing Apathy

Written by Maritime First
  • Perhaps, it’s time to now Change Emefiele, or Kemi Adeosun, or both!

When the New Telegraph reported on its front page of Wednesday 16th March, 2016 that inflation at 11.4 percent, had hit three-year high, I know of at least two Nigerians who began to pray for the Government.

Or,  when the Citizen published a National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Monday released on the Consumer Price Index which measured and put the nation’s inflation rate as jumping from 15.6 per cent to 16.5 per cent in June; I immediately called the two, asking if they would add fasting to their prayers, each gave the same answer: “It’s not unlikely, that both Emefiele (CBN) and Kemi Adeosun (Finance) are applying wrong medication to a national toothache”!

CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele

CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele

Like one of them painfully explained:” We can see how Mr. President is struggling day and night, based on his extreme patriotic nature, to bring back the lost glory of the great country. But, from all indications, it cannot be said, that both the Minister of Finance and the Central Bank Governor, are applying the right remedy!”, he stated, pointing out that while he still prays for the President, he was beginning to feel frustrated, that the King’s men, were no match for the unfolding challenges.

Echoing same sentiment, the second respondent, an importer who also spoke on conditions of anonymity, simply pleaded with Mr. President to task the duo to come up with a new idea, or change them, noting that the last idea which culminated in CBN Forex policy relaxation was a flash in the pan.

“Whatever policy they had come up with so far, doesn’t look reliable enough to take us to the desired destination.
“The Government came at a point the foreign reserve was over $34bn; and the exchange rate was N223 to a Dollar. Today, the foreign reserve is about $26bn; and the exchange rate hovers around N360 per Dollar. Is either that the managers are wayward, dilly dallying or are waiting for President Buhari to read the riot act for them!”, he said.

Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun

Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun

But the above notwithstanding, we must still laud the President, for running a transparent race!
For the Government to come out and publicly declare that the nation was already sauntering into a recession, was commendable. It shows the Government’s altruism, a hard working institution, determined to bring in the desired change, with all cards on the table.

But then, it also reveals a sad, painful and helpless side of the Government, publicly admitting that in spite of all efforts to the contrary; at least to get the economy out of the wood, the economy has finally acquired bed, bed spread and pillows in the woods! In other words, the only thing presently missing in the wood is mattress, blankets and pillow cases!

It is therefore a most pertinent thing now to increase genuine and sincere prayers for the Government. It is an Appeal. Buhari must not fail. In our own interest, he must not fail. He has nothing to lose, even if he fails. The rest of us have nothing to gain, if he fail. Besides, the consequences of his failure would be severe, excruciating and holistic!

Sadly, and very sadly too, Psychologist Pavlov and his theory, if it’s anything to go by portends that frustrated Nigerians may soon begin to take their anger and helplessness against the government anytime from now.

A dog when locked up in a cage would first attempt to attack who ever it believes was responsible for its immobility; before attacking the cage, followed by tearing at itself!

Simplified, it means as time goes by, more and more people would lose faith in the idea or notion of State or Statehood that President Buhari has patriotically campaigned for.

Even now, how many Nigerians are truly honest to the Nigerian State?  Aside from the families of the serving Ministers, and top Government functionaries, what percentage of the people are still truly loyal to the Nigerian project?

“Who pays your school fees?  Who picks your medical bills? Who puts the food on your table? Who xyz? ” The answer, for over, 98 percent of the people is either: ” the parents”, the Uncles or nearby ‘Good Samaritan’ !

Where was the State, when against the earning or purchasing powers of the masses, the prices of common and basic items like electricity, kerosene, food stuff, building materials, passenger transportation by road, fuel and lubricants as well as transport equipments took to the roof?!

The Nigerian State had grown so indolent, so shrunk, and so irrelevant, outside periodic declaration of public holidays that it has gradually lost its symbolic essence in the mind of the people. A few strategically positioned Nigeria had stolen the country dry!
Of course, this was one of major things Buhari has come to exterminate. But then, he fails to recognize the truism in Niccollo Machiavelli’s testimony in his book: The Prince; that anyone wanting to introduce new idea must be prepared to take on stiff oppositions from those who either planted the old order, or were currently benefitting from it!

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