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Weekend Ginger: Is Customs Truly Shielding The Lagos Ports?



  • Pray for the Police

No reasonable person needs to ask again if the Lagos ports are porous. What we should be asking is how much do we appreciate the mercy of God?!

When 661 pump action riffles came into the country, it was from the Lagos ports. By God’s grace, it was intercepted. When it’s completing consignment of over 400 riffles also came in, again it was through the Lagos ports. Any batch that God did not intercept, melted into towns! And any of it being used, illegally in the city, we childishly believe they came from the Niger Delta or midstream discharge!
Who would save my People from myopia?!

We owe Comptroller Abubakar Azarema kudo for laying it bare: the 1,149 cartons of  “unidentified pharmaceutical products” intercepted in Benin were smuggled into the country through the Lagos ports!

They were probably heading towards my mother’s home, Onitsha; or my friend’s home, Aba, from where they would be relabeled, repackaged and distributed nationwide!
Now, who would save Nigerians from Lagos ports?! Pray!

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo

But, pray also for the Nigerian Police too. Things have seemingly gone so bad, that even the breast-suckling baby on his mother’s lap in Ikorodu neither fear nor respect them again!

I can remember in those old days, if a child was crying, a neighbour would shout “Junior, shut up now or we call police!” Ironically, the kid would shut up, even as the exasperated mother feigning fear, pleads, “Please, don’t call police. Please, don’t call police o!”

But how can anyone in Ikorodu still honour the most relevant institution in the country, if the stories emanating from Ikorodu in respect of the dreaded Badoo group and their blood sucking gangs are anything to go by?

How can the Badoo’s evil group come into existence in June 2016; and one year after, no culprit has been arrested or prosecuted? How can a body of youths, allegedly engaged and heavily paid by some unscrupulous, but well to do adults, freely and mindlessly sneak into the abodes of unprotected Nigerians, murder them in cold blood and make away with their hanky-soaked blood for over a year; and no one, particularly the police, bares an eyelid?!

Senate President, Bukola Saraki

Has the police lost its aura of invincibility so much so, that even an arrested and detained billionaire (adultnapper) kidnapper, Evans can sue its Inspector General, demanding N300m, as aggravated damages for whatever reasons?

Haa! O ma se o! Esuro ti pa idi da… o wa n le aja! (The antelope has turned course…it is now pursuing the hounding dog!)

It is incredulous!

It is saddening. It calls for serious concerns. The police is our common heritage. It is the nation’s first real ‘Commonwealth’. If you are in doubt: the day you are attacked, call the thugs! Except you are the legendary Eruobodo in Ibadan!

The worst is looming in Ikorodu. The people, having lost faith in the police as a neutral and most credible refuge of the common man, have embarked on administration of jungle justice on suspected members of the society.


Now, no one goes out again in Ikorodu to seek for debtors to settle debts. Now, if anyone playfully calls you ‘Badoo!!’ in Ikorodu, just disappear. For no amount of running, pleading or incantations would save you!

Unconfirmed reports indicated that every blood soaked handkerchief successfully delivered attracted N500,000! The Holy Book says blood is life! The Badoo guy know blood is money. It could turn a yesterday loafers, into a revered millionaire overnight!

Pray! A country that never cares how you made your money, before throwing chieftaincy titles at ‘pigs’! Now can anyone still blame a highly revered shipping mogul, Greg Ogbeifun, who has stuck to the more honourable title of ‘Engr.’, despite iconic overtures, even from decent sources, to accept, just one Chieftaincy title?!

In the meantime, let us join the good people of Osun State, to felicitate with the latest Senator in town: Adetunji Adeleke! His victory, is not a POD victory. It is a victory for democracy!

And when you see the dexterity with which he approached the hard rhythms, you can understand many things: it was probably the first good thing happening to him, after his brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke passed on, allegedly as a result of ‘drug overdose’!

Secondly, it was milestone, coming from the background of unpredictability, as a PDP flag-bearer, to defeat an APC opponent, with a sitting Governor as one of the unfriendly voters! For hardly was the results out, than some took to the streets: “APC is finally, on its way out”!; even as some countered it, drawing mockery attention to the new Senator’s body-hard dancing movements!

Beautiful and energetic dancing steps. And could save more lives if emulated, even if you don’t go to the gyms again!

But beyond that, we also know that the victory enabled him create a record: he was becoming the third Adeleke to become a Senator, from a Single Ede family!

How many families have such distinguished milestones achievements?!

As highlighted by a reliable Online source:

“Ademola Adeleke is the 3rd Senator to be produced by the Adeleke family of Ede.
“His dad, late Ayoola Adeleke was the Senator that represented Osun 2 Senatorial District of the Old Oyo State on the platform of the UPN in the 2nd Republic. There were 95 senators in all with 5 Senators from each of the 19 States then.

“Of course, Demola’s brother, late Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke was the second senator from that family.

“Secondly, Ademola’s landslide victory was not the first for an Adeleke.
His father won the Osun 2 seat in 1979 on a heavy landslide.
This was the result:

1979 Osun II district senatorial election
A. Ayoola UPN – 115,368
A. Durosomo NPN – 19,559
O. Fabode GNPP – 2,001
E. Oyebola NPP – 453”, our source concluded.


Keep praying.

Pray for the President!

May Nigeria live Forever!!

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Zoe Maritime Roundtable Targets Improved Passenger Safety, Using Chinese Experience



…Edodo-Emore refocuses Stakeholders’ attention on Security and new technologies in inland waterways

Significant progress will be achieved in the area boat -passenger safety amongst other gains, as Nigeria gets an infrequent opportunity to learn from the Chinese experience in improving general service delivery in-country.

The Chinese Consul-General in Nigeria, Madam Yan Yuqing, one of the key speakers at a Zoe Maritime Summit is expected, in addition to dissecting the topic of improving services delivery, to also offer, useful ideas and lessons on safe inland waterways operations in Nigeria.

Osun Assembly passes N138.2bn 2023 Budget 

Adegboyega Oyetola, the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy

The Summit promoter,  and CEO of Zoe Maritime Resources Ltd, Barr (Mrs) Oritsematosan Edodo-Emore told Maritime First that the discussion is designed to inland waterways operators the knowledge to better manage the sector, particularly, towards improving boat passenger safety.

 Consequently, a major highlight of the Summit is a presentation on the Chinese experience in the management of inland waterways.

The Barrister highlighted that with the theme: “Security and New Technologies in Inland Waterways Transportation”, the Zoe Resources Maritime Business Roundtable Breakfast Meeting h places at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos should be a must-to-attend Summit. 

*Oritsematosan Edodo-Emore

Oritsematosan Edodo-Emore noted that prominent maritime personalities and revered industry players have confirmed readiness to grace the occasion.

Among these are the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy,. Adegboyega Oyetola is scheduled to unveil the Ministry’s focus and plans for Inland Waterways and Coastal Services, an intervention that has agitated the minds of inland waterway operators since his appointment last year.

Others are Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, General Manager, Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA); Mrs Oluseyi Oluyede, Managing Director, Niger Benue Transport Company Ltd (NBTC), and Rhoda Olofu, Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), Marine Police Command.


Industry technocrats, heads of security agencies and regulatory authorities expected to feature in panel discussions on the theme include the Managing Director of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Mr. Mohammed Bello-Koko; Director- General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr. Dayo Mobereola and the Managing Director/CEO, National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), Alhaji Munirudeen Bola Oyebamiji.

Bello-Koko Lauds MWUN for Ensuring NPA Staff's Salary Increase

NPA Managing Director, Mohammed Bello-Koko

Also billed to participate in the breakfast summit are port users, heads of maritime desks of banks, government agencies and insurance companies. Others are ship owners, boat owners, boat captains, log byistic companies, barge operators and any other entity whose operations are inland waterway-based.

Freight forwarders, importers and oil and gas companies will also grace the occasion.

Foreign entities from maritime nations will also feature and make interventions especially as concerns experiences in their respective nations to enable Nigerians benefit from global inland waterways visibility, network, growth and exchange of knowledge.

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CUSTOMS Q1: PTML Hits N66.9bn Revenue, Targets 2-Hour Clearing-Time for Vehicles



…Warns that any uncovered infraction will lead to severe sanctions!

The Port Terminal Multi-services Limited (PTML) Command of Nigeria Customs Service has recorded N66,920,181,586.30 as total revenue for first quarter of 2024.

 The collected revenue is N22,198,965,809.55 higher than N44,721,215,776.75 collected between January and March 2023 representing a 49.6 percent increase. 

A press statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the command, CSC Muhammad Yakubu, stated that Comptroller Saidu Abba Yusuf, Customs Area Controller of the command, described the increase in revenue collection as a laudable feat, adding that the command is more committed towards trade facilitation and as well as supporting government drive for ease of doing business. 

Comptroller Yusuf who thanked the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR for initiating strategies to achieve faster cargo clearance, reiterated that PTML Command under his watch aims to surpass its record of three-hour cargo clearance for compliant traders. 

According to Yusuf, the launching of time release study (TRS) which is ongoing and other deliberate efforts by the Comptroller General have contributed in the expansion of terminal space and promoting ease of doing business in PTML. 

PTML Customs Command Achieves 19% Increase in Annual Revenue

The CAC also disclosed that the PTML command has the potential to achieve two-hour cargo clearance and surpass it’s existing three-hour record if port users’ compliance level is improved.

Comptroller Yusuf who described PTML as one of the safest and most secure environments for RoRo(Roll On Roll Off) and general cargoes also advised importers and their agents to take advantage of the incentives available for compliant traders such as fast track, advance ruling and possible migration to the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. 

He reminded port users in PTML of the robust and time-conscious dispute resolution mechanism, which has contributed immensely to the revenue collection, trade facilitation and anti-smuggling functions of the command. 

While commending the various government and private sector stakeholders for their cooperation and support towards the realisation of the government goal of revenue collection and prevention of unlawful activities, Comptroller Yusuf expressed optimism that the command will surpass its annual target for the year. 

He described the importation of vehicles meant for Nigerian roads into neighbouring countries with the intent to smuggle them through unapproved roads into Nigeria as unpatriotic and an act of economic sabotage as the command has the capacity for seamless and efficient processing of such automobile cargoes. 

For the second quarter and first half of the year, the CAC enjoined officers of the command to maximally deploy available technology and rededicate themselves to the job to achieve more. You u

He reminded the port users that there is increased anti-smuggling vigilance to uncover concealment such as under declaration and smuggling of prohibited items. 

The CAC further added that any discovered infraction will lead to full evoking of the Nigeria Customs Service Act (NCSA), where there are spelt-out penalties.

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EST-Floattech Delivers Octopus Battery Systems To Coastal Workboats For E-LUV, SPSS



– Coastal Workboats, a renowned name in the maritime industry for its commitment to sustainability, will collaborate with EST-Floattech, a leading provider of energy storage solutions for the maritime sector. EST-Floattech will be providing the battery system for the purpose-built Electric-Landing Utility Vessel (E-LUV) to be built at Coastal Workboats’ new yard Stornoway and the Shore-based Power Supply System (SPSS).

The collaboration with Coastal Workboats Scotland marks a significant step towards lowering emissions in the UK’s maritime industry with EST-Floattechs technology. This collaboration is realized due to Coastal Workboats receiving a £6 million (€7 million) grant to demonstrate the UK’s first commercial electric workboat and charging station. This grant, provided by the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC), underscores the industry’s recognition of the pressing need for cleaner, greener maritime operations and will boost the usage of electric workboats in a commercial environment.

The vessel that will be built, the E-LUV, is set to be the UK’s first commercial electric workboat. This innovative vessel, a Ro-Ro and dry cargo transportation ferry, will be equipped with 2400 kWh of EST-Floattech’s Octopus High Energy battery system. The system will be placed as two independent battery systems on board, power a range of equipment, and be used for fully electric sailing. Starting for demonstration purposes in the Shetland Isles in a short trial, the E-LUV will be operating between West Burrafirth and Papa Stour. The route takes about 45 minutes, twice per day and five days per week while showcasing the capabilities of energy storage solutions in maritime applications.

Secondly, EST-Floattech will supply 1.200 kWh of the Octopus High Energy battery system, to be placed in a 20-foot container that will support the charging of Coastal Workboats’ E-LUV vessel. It is also possible to place the containerized energy storage solution on board as a range extender. We will be collaborating with MJR Power & Automation for the system integration and the entire system will be placed inside the container by Renew Marine Ltd.

Enhanced safety, less maintenance

The E-LUV will adhere to Bureau Veritas classification standards, ensuring top-notch safety and quality. The battery system will not only be safer, but it will also need less maintenance. This Ro-Ro and dry cargo transportation ferry is set to become a new standard for emission-free voyages. This contract is a significant achievement for Coastal Workboats, a small, family-run yard, and also for EST-Floattech.

Coastal Workboats’ Chief Engineering Manager Luke Parnell said: “Our attraction to the Octopus Series quite simply comes down to safety. EST-Floattech have produced a class-approved product that brings to market a level of safety unseen previously. In particular, the passive nature of the heat dissipation system represents a marked step forward in safety, particularly for an application in the marine environment. Given our primary concern is safety above all, the Octopus was the perfect choice for us.”

Jelle Meindertsma, Sales Manager at EST-Floattech, states, “We are proud to be contributing to lowering emissions in the maritime industry in the UK, working hand in hand with Coastal Workboats to bring sustainable, high-performance energy solutions to the forefront. Our collaboration on the E-LUV is a testament to our shared commitment towards a more environmentally responsible maritime future.”

This collaboration between Coastal Workboats and EST-Floattech marks a significant stride towards achieving the UK’s environmental targets and demonstrates the power of innovation in the maritime sector.

Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition

This project, the fully electric inter-island workboat demonstration project (including the E-LUV), is part of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 3 (CMDC3), which was announced in September 2022, funded by UK Government and delivered in partnership with Innovate UK. As part of the CMDC3, the Department allocated £60m to 19 flagship projects supported by 92 UK organisations to deliver real world demonstration R&D projects in clean maritime solutions. Projects will take place in multiple locations around the UK from as far north as the Shetland Isles and as far south as Cornwall.


The CMDC3 is part of the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emission’s (UK SHORE) flagship multi-year CMDC programme. In March 2022, the Department announced the biggest government investment ever in the UK commercial maritime sector, allocating £206m to UK SHORE, a new division within the Department for Transport focused on decarbonising the maritime sector. UK SHORE is delivering a suite of interventions throughout 2022-2025 aimed at accelerating the design, manufacture and operation of UK-made clean maritime technologies and unlocking an industry-led transition to Net Zero.

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