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Weekend Ginger: Maritime Architecture: What if Amaechi’s ‘Comb them out’ option fails?!



SAA operations make me appear ineffective - Amaechi

Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi

…As if it has ever worked elsewhere!!***

Ravishingly handsome, agile, powerful and rich, the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi is also gifted in oratorical skills! How come he stands so close to the truth, and fails to recognise it?

“Those that go into the water do not live in the water; those criminals live with us, and the military both in terms of intelligence and physical assets will go and comb them out…!” the Minister had told newsmen who listened to him with rapt attention at the Eko Hotel, Lagos venue of his special media briefing on Monday.

If Capt. Solomon Omoteso were alive, he would probably have given vivid examples of why Amaechi’s option would fail as solution.

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And as if specifically addressing the Minister, the Ogun State ex-Governor, Gbenga Daniel had come out to beg the Federal Government on Thursday: Provide jobs, not only force to curb youths’ restiveness!

Yet, even Daniel as a serving Governor failed to see the altruism of this simple fact: an idle hand, is devil’s messenger!

Eloquently, Hon. Minister Amaechi affirmed on how security equipment, platforms or gadgets would soon arrive the country. And those trained in the art of its good use would take it over, and ‘smoke out’ the trouble makers and Nigeria would have peace. If it was so simple, how come Nigeria has only successfully hovered between degrading or technically defeating the Boko Haram?!

If it was so simple, how come the caravans of Puerto Ricans and co were not frightened away from Mexican borders, in their intimidating march towards the US border?

And how come till today, refugees, in spite of the deathly presence of the Mediterranean Sea, never shy away from dashing from Libya into Europe in dinghies in dangerous trips!

Perhaps, we have no reasons to fear. Perhaps, the Minister’s option is right and everyone else is wrong!

But what happens if after Amaechi’s security apparatus is berthed and installed, and piracy is merely ‘technically’ reduced or degraded and not curbed?

Then, industry watchers may sadly watch another failure of the Minister’s second tenure!

A simple look at the Minister’s performance sheet of his first tenure as Minister of Transportation showed abysmal failure!

More companies operating in the Nigerian Maritime industry died, than were created. The hope that the Cabotage Vessels Financing Fund would serve as Life elixir woefully failed!

The Maritime industry in the real sense, benefited very little, under Rotimi Amaechi.

Piracy peaked in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea, shamefully overtook Somalia Coasts, in terms of crimes and kidnaps on waters, with Nigeria becoming war leader on piracy index chart.

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Trawler operators went to beds with both eyes opened; more down- stream shipowners folded up, handed over their vessels to banks over inability to offset loan facilities and a few even witnessed their health rapidly moved down hills, in quick depreciation!

We pray the Minister’s second tenure would successfully heal, refresh and like soothing balm, truly open new economic opportunities for operators. But let the truth be told, the first tenure was an abysmal failure!

When Amaechi assumed office as Transportation Minister, the State of Port Access roads were not so dangerous, pathetic and hopeless.

But like an acorn, it simply grew, festering like an open sore, fed by negligence, inaction and distractions, it turned into an oak of intimidation, hopelessness and deathly! The portholes are now dreaded manholes!

Under Amaechi’s watch, in spite of availability of experts and experts opinion, the Lagos ports are gradually, reluctantly advancing into the mother of all Congestion!

Ibadan High Chief, Adebayo Sarumi

*One of the ‘Minister’s wise men’

Under Amaechi, the only area the nation has recorded true progress, is in the area of genuine improvements at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron and Cadets training, particularly the sphere of sea-time provision. Amaechi appointed a body of ‘Wise-men’ which successfully turned the fortunes of Oron round. Why hasn’t the Minister deployed same measure on other unfolding challenges!

Engr. Greg Ogbeifun

*One of the ‘Minister’s wise men’

The success on the railways would forever remain arguable! Amaechi cannot claim to have started the Kaduna- Abuja rail; he inherited it. Thank God he sincerely nurtured it to fruition. But, has similar success been recorded elsewhere?

First came a pledge that the Lagos Ibadan rail would become operational last year February, before Elections. The pledge failed and another date of ‘before the end of year’ came up!

Then, Nigerians were told it would be February 2020, it failed; and April was muted. Now, everyone is thinking of May 2020! But industry watchers who have made independent visit to the rails, believe even that date is most likely unrealistic!

A revered lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Mr. Adebayo once taught us something on ‘disjointed Pragmatism’, in Administration as a system which allows you to adopt and utilize anything that helps you add to your progress.

Sadly, even  disjointed pragmatism, has failed in Apapa. We have tried to use barge for evacuation, only to come up with a more ridiculous, yet dangerous result. Most strategically placed houses are now turning into either Truck terminals or illegal jetties or holden bays, with attendant consequences!

Containers are getting over stacked, more are being offloaded, in spaces that are rapidly shrinking! Worse still, vessels turnaround time are increasing! This was not the case before Amaechi assumed office Sir!

An industry watcher who spoke on conditions of anonymity said each time he wanted to imagine what the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan, he simply visited Apapa!

Sadly sometimes, one has the frightening impression that the Taliban may be doing it better than what obtains here!

The success of Amaechi is everyone’s success! Let us pray for him, especially as we embark with tottering steps, on a second tenure expedition amidst fear that, if we are not careful, this again may be more lacklustre!

Finally, let us ask the Minister when will the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) begin it’s orchestrated 25year Development Plan!

Some believe they have begun it, some think otherwise. Yet, even those who think they have, cannot categorically say when the 25 year- plan would mature!

Nigerians once thought the year 2020 would never come, so, they designated it: House for All; Food for All; Shelter for All, etc

Alas! When the 2020 finally arrived, it found everyone, like children of Israel, trekking!

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“Problem of insecurity is a problem of hunger, education and poverty!” So, anyone who must tackle it, particularly on water, must start with employment, food and ‘hope’ on land; not security infrastructure euphemistically called ‘Maritime architecture’!

For though, if it works the Minister may bask in fleeting glory; while if it fails, Nigerians may suffer unimaginable hardships!

Let’s keep praying for Nigeria…

May the President live forever!!


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Dr Abubakar-Dantsoho

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Sen. Adedayo Adeyeye

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Customs Enforcement: NAGAFF Clarifies Role And Mandate Amidst Allegations Of Frustration, Extortion

The association advised freight forwarders to maintain professional standards, ensuring genuine declaration of imports and exports for customs purposes, as non-disclosure is an offence against customs laws, leading to seizure and prosecution.

NAGAFF assured high response rates from its High Command to protect genuine declarations and compliance, emphasizing that the Comptroller General of Customs and his management team will not tolerate any corrupt acts.

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